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Splitting a Hive Why How Bees and Beekeeping Bee How to

Splitting a Hive Why How Bees and Beekeeping Bee How to


How to split a Beehive Easiest method by Tim Durham

A good skill for any beekeeper is learning how to split a hive. Learn how to manage your large hives more effectively. #beekeeping #beekeeper #bees

honey bees - splitting a hive

My First Bee Colony Split: How to Make 2 Hives From 1

beekeeper in bee suit inspecting a hive

When you look into your hives in the spring, do you see a huge population of bees? If so, you should think about splitting bee hives in Spring to prevent ...

Large Honeybee hive Split the easy way by Tim Durham

Springtime is splitting time if you want another colony

Shake the bees off the frame into the tub–one frame's worth of bees is usually plenty.

An example of a good brood frame to move into your new colony. These capped worker bees will soon hatch into nurses.

Splitting an overwintered hive: Why you need to do it

Do you want to split a beehive? It's a good way to increase your number of hives. But, a bad split can put both hives in peril.

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Splitting a Honeybee Hive

beehives full of honey

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Making Splits and Queens

The Great Divide: Foundation vs. Foundationless Beekeeping


When a beekeeper wants to expand the number of hives they manage, there are many different options. The more pricey routes include buying package bees or ...

Picture of How to Split a Beehive

On the Beemaster forum, Brian said that I should place the new hives as if they were sitting down to dinner with the old hive, but the original hive is on ...

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Knowing how to split a beehive is a useful beekeeper skill. Done properly splitting a hive can increase colony numbers and reduce swarming.

Splitting a Hive

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Beginner Beekeeper Q-and-A: What Goes on Inside the Hive?

Beekeeping : How To Make A Spring Split Part 1

Hive Splitting & Nuc Making Workshop
Sunday ...

Avoid splitting the hive in hot weather as occasionally the top may drop down because of soft wax caused by hot days. You now have 2 hives working in your ...

A hive can be split when the bees are plentiful.

Bee Swarms

Trevs Bees - Making a Nucleus (NUC) colony (split) from a Honey

How to Split a Beehive

The Cathedral Hive capped brood honey comb

Beekeepers have been struggling with high winter loss rates for more than 10 years, but a report from USDA's Economic Research Service says they have been ...

How to Split a Hive

Splitting Honeybee Colonies. Inside view of the frames of a hive

Actually, after spotting her I decided I would not split the hives assuming she had killed the other unborn queens. The day before splitting I had done an ...

Hives are split in half and half the bees are transferred to a new hive.

The hive boxes are not a great substrate to paint on but if these are populating WAS it seems it needs to be done.

How to Split a Hive

2015-05-04 11.00.11-1

Jerry Coleby-Williams

honeybee queen cells under construction

Credit: www.honeybeesonline.com

May – The Importance of Bees and Splitting a Hive

Hive Split - Video

Without all the frames, a package of bees dumped into a hive may look like this. This was a good package of bees -- at least four pounds of bees.

First time doing a bee hive split! New video on YouTube. (Link on profile) Part One is up and Part Two will go up tomorrow. Now we wait several weeks for ...

Splitting Honey Bee Hives for Increase

My queen cell frames hold 48 cells on 3 bars. These cells are covered in nurse bees, a good sign!

How to get bees for your Flow Hive

... would not split the hives assuming she had killed the other unborn queens. The day before splitting I had done an inspection and found at least a dozen ...

Splitting Hives Part 1

Spring has arrived, albeit a little greyer and wetter than we would have preferred. But our honeybees are buzzing and we need to give them all the help they ...

The tall hives are the parent colonies and the short hives are the new baby colonies.


How early can you split a hive in the spring? - Southern Oregon Beekeepers Association

Cape bees. (Mike Allsopp)

I LOVE SWARMS: The Complete Guide to Attracting Honeybees

Finally, a little good news for American honeybees

Hive maintenance ...

Picture of Finishing a Split: Big Time Bees

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Splitting Your Hive

A strong hive booming with bees

In order to avoid harming the queen or disturbing the broodnest, simply take your bee sample from a frame from the upper brood chamber, to the side of the ...

A sting-free guide to becoming a DIY beekeeper. BEES!?!

The visit was to split the school's native stingless bee hive. Australian native bees are ...

Overcrowding affects the hive's well-being. Splitting them helps keep bees healthy.

Making Splits, Installing Nucs, Queen Marking & Introduction - Hansen Honey Farm

Looking through a hive that died for clues.

Beekeeping 101 How to Start a Beehive

The best things in life are free. Bees are no exception

Hive Florence

The Practical Beekeeper

Honey bees

We also have hives of Tetragonula hockingsi available for sale. This species is more suited to coastal areas of Queensland.

Inspecting a new package

I Love Honeybees 🐝 🐝 🐝 🍯

Splitting a hive can be tricky business! Join us to observe and interact with Josh Calo from Sol Nectar as he splits our newly installed bees to install a ...

The old colonies with queens were very active since the split. See video above (or course bees responding to video) increaing action.

Multi-million dollar startups are building tech to spy on honey bees in their own homes

Nucs are made up, 2 frames of brood and 1 frame of pollen and honey

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Island beekeepers say swarming is one of the ways bee colonies reproduce. When a colony gets too big for its hive, it splits in two and the queen and older ...

So when would a budding beekeeper use such a small beehive, or a nucleus beehive? These hives are typically used for splitting your colonies or to relocate ...