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Spring has begun and so I was inspired to make this page I think

Spring has begun and so I was inspired to make this page I think


Spring has arrived.

Spring has begun and so I was inspired to make this page. I think the

16 Must-Have YA Books for Spring Reading

Learn New Songs for Spring

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SONG OF MYSELF. ( Leaves of Grass (1891–1892)) - The Walt Whitman Archive

SONG OF MYSELF. ( Leaves of Grass (1891–1892)) - The Walt Whitman Archive

Spring has begun, as 2019 continues on. We've had time to think about our own journey's this month a bit more than we might normally. Perhaps you have added ...

Facebook post linked to Toronto van attack points to insular, misogynistic world of 'incels'

Daryl Aiden Yow is a Singapore-based photographer and social media influencer who has over 100,000 followers on Instagram. He's at the center of controversy ...

SONG OF MYSELF. ( Leaves of Grass (1891–1892)) - The Walt Whitman Archive

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How Essential Oils Became the Cure for Our Age of Anxiety. Aromatic oils have ...

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What Do People Really Think About Diversity in Tech? Here are 63 Anonymous Perspectives

One day in the spring of 2010, Kathleen McCaffrey, a sophomore at New York University, received an invitation from a stranger named Arthur Breitman.

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Paradise Lost: Tourists Are Destroying the Places They Love

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Welcome Spring Equinox

The Making of the Fox News White House

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The MENA and Southeast Asia regions have undergone and continue to undergo massive political transitions. Differences in the process and outcomes of their ...

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Britain's true motivation behind the Balfour Declaration - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature

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Photo: J.V.Aranda

The term “innovation” is now used so widely and so vaguely that it has come to mean almost anything, or almost nothing at all.

Crocus field spring

As we do every year, we're looking ahead to the next 12 months new science fiction and fantasy books—with the help of the editors and publishers responsible ...

I am extremely excited but also very nervous as there's a lot of work to do ...

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Why Notoriously Litigious Disney Is Letting Fan Stores Thrive

How Extreme Weather Is Shrinking the Planet

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A woman smelling apple blossoms in Hardanger, Norway in the spring

Mercury has been direct for a few days now and it feels as if spring has truly begun. The next new moon occurs on April 5th at 1:50AM PT in the mighty sign ...

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Consider the Cactus: How Succulents Took Over Instagram—and Then the World

28 Books with a Strong Female Lead to Celebrate Women's History Month (All Year Long)

Spring is also the ideal time to renew, refresh and recharge your body, and blossom into the healthiest version of 'you' that you can be. Make this season ...

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... Page 153 of Photographer & traveller: Liza Herlands

Wallace, A. R. 1905. My life: A record of events and opinions. London: Chapman and Hall. Volume 1.

The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from

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Because Shelley was readily taken as a vessel for other people's ideas, her novel has accreted wildly irreconcilable readings.

To address the realities of our time, we need people who will Go Deep, Think Big, Get Real, and Step Up. To lead change you need a conscious mindset.

Green, Black and White Easter Table: 8 different place settings to give you lots

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Action Comics No. 1 (1938)

view of NYC 9/11 memorial from above


Cynthia: That is far from being faint praise. I do believe you've got some strong feelings(!) for this game, but we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Archives of the Home Page Essays


Pages from Emily Dickinson's herbarium — a forgotten masterpiece at the intersection of poetry and science.

Birthday Sale!!!

Spring brings new life, like this deer fawn (above) I saw in my back yard. I wrote this rhyming poem about it.



In January of 2014, Karl Lagerfeld held a couture show at the Grand Palais in Paris, where he sent a parade of models down the runway wearing corseted ...

A home garden turned community nature reserve. Photo: Marian Stephens

January Bullet Journal Cover Page Ideas {Get inspired!}

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f the "standard" reference books (in which discussion of Parsifal these days tends to be monopolized by the omnipresent Barry Millington) do not explain ...

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... challenging societal norms, and advancing academic thought in the schools of science and religion, these are top 50 books that changed the world.

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Arizona teachers huddled for a photo following a big protest outside of Governor Doug Ducey's weekly radio appearance. Photo: Noah Karvelis

Margaret Atwood on What 'The Handmaid's Tale' Means in the Age of TrumpMargaret Atwood on What 'The Handmaid's Tale' Means in the Age of Trump

The race checkpoints are unmanned and in the form of paperback books. You rip out

How to Create a Community Nature Reserve

... that would be edited with the local recording and then sent back to the station for broadcast. All of this was to be done with no charge to the station.

Mahara newsletter April 2019 (Vol. 9, Issue 1)

During the campaign year of 1988, she was repeatedly portrayed on NBC's Saturday Night Live — in ways that would seem unimaginable now — by comedian Phil ...

EVERYTHING YOU DO involves risk. The only questions are what and how much. Poor choices lead you into failure, and good choices take you out of failure.

A Pinterest graphic for How to Start an Online Clothing Business

Stitch Fix has developed over 30 pieces of apparel using the Hybrid Design methodology.