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The 2nd amendment defined by one of its authors Meaningful

The 2nd amendment defined by one of its authors Meaningful


Rifles available for purchase at a gun show in Colorado.

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Assault Weapons Preserve the Purpose of the Second Amendment

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Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified one of the weapons involved in Sunday's shooting in Orlando as an AR-15.

Repeal the Second AmendmentRepeal the Second Amendment

Here's What Law Professors Need You To Understand About The Second Amendment

Mark O'Connor fills out his federal background check paperwork as he purchases a handgun

I support gun restrictions, but repealing the 2nd Amendment is wrong

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It has been a decade since the Supreme Court found in District of Columbia v. Heller that the Second Amendment protects a right to keep and ...

The 2nd amendment defined by one of its authors.

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America's gun culture: What makes Americans so attached to their weapons?

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The author at SHOT Show Media day in Las Vegas, about to fire a grenade launcher. He missed.

We Can't Ignore the “Militia” Clause of the Second Amendment

What America is getting wrong about three important words in the Second Amendment

The Supreme Court Has Taken a Strange Gun-Rights Case

.22 rifle .

Esther and the 2nd Amendment

We Can't Ignore the "Militia" Clause of the Second Amendment | | Tenth Amendment Center

The Economist explains

I always wondered how Ruch Limbaugh could claim that his audience was comprised of good, honest, working Americans when his weekday program can only be ...

Is Gun Ownership a Right?

Repeal the Second Amendment

A Sad Supreme Court Case Highlights the Need for Smarter Second Amendment Jurisprudence

The framers of our U.S. Constitution, and particularly the 2nd Amendment notion of the right to bear arms, would be rolling over in their graves, ...

Department of General Services Police arrested two gun-rights protesters (in blue hat, left, and yellow jacket) near the State House Monday night.

View Larger Image Gun Show in Houston, Texas (photo by http://flickr.com

A Venn Diagram labeled categories of rights and protections. Circle 1, Criminal. Circle. The First Amendment ...

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Gun and Constitution

Follow the Author. Dennis A. Henigan

New Golden State registration rules are OK, judge says.

I've seen a slew of these over the last few days. Nukes kicked it off, but I've seen it before with drones, or tanks, or cruise missiles. Sadly, this is one ...

Arming Educators Violates the Spirit of the Second Amendment

Participants consoling each other during a candlelight vigil for the nine people who were killed in a shooting at Umpqua Community College, in Roseburg, ...

Miller applied a two-prong test to determine the relevance of the Second Amendment to gun laws.

The Second Amendment protects all the other rights. It gives our Constitution teeth. It gives us the ability to protect our loved ones and, more importantly ...

Teaching Your Children & Students About the 2nd Amendment – Brave In The Attempt

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The Bill of Rights

Democracy is not simply a license to indulge individual whims and proclivities. It is also. “

Gun Control Is a Misfire

A woman with an EU flag outside Parliament


Tackling Questions About Colorado's Red Flag Law and the Second Amendment

A pile of guns handed in to authorities during Australia's gun amnesty in 2017

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, meaning "Come and take them" is a common phrase among pro-Second Amendment individuals.

I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise. - The Washington Post

Best-selling author Stephen King has just released a passionate call for greater gun control, titled “Guns.” In a coup for Amazon, the essay is available ...

Source: "Celebrate Diversity" at http://www.thoseshirts.com/diversity.html; "Diversity; Let's Celebrate It" at http://www.gandcguns.com/; "The 2nd ...

NCAC presents the following collection of materials on the topic of censorship in schools for the use of students, educators, and parents everywhere.

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Ar15 Lower Parts

I teach my students to not automatically take web sources at face value and to look for faulty arguments which are where I want to start when examining the ...

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A lack of federal funds stymies gun violence researchers. Alan English CPA

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Gun rights in the 1780s and today

Ideas Second Amendment Tattoo Donekristina Burris At Altered Images This Week

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Here's What Law Professors Need You To Understand About The Second Amendment

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Cabela's. In a victory for Second and Fourth amendment rights, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled this ...

Page one of the original copy of the United States Constitution

It is as if they are making the truth known today to save our Republic! He's talking about law makers who try to limit gun ...

Reenactment of Revolutionary war soldiers Source: Getty Images. Moreover, the gun ...

Towards a Worker's Bill of Rights

How the firearms industry influences US gun culture, in 6 charts

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Parkland shooting NRA Snapchat generation David Hogg Emma Gonzalez

Here's What Law Professors Need You To Understand About The Second Amendment

Democrats Attack 3 Of The 10 Amendments In The Bill Of Rights

Guns and the Constitution: The Myth of Second Amendment Protection for Firearms in America (Law and Violence Series): Dennis A. Henigan, E. Bruce Nicholson, ...

News from Lexington—Putnam leaving the plough. Courtesy of the New York Public Library

While this group of Chicagoans (in 1987) is watching a Mexican Independence Day parade, the child is waving a US flag — a reminder that regardless of ...

... to an organization in which other members have committed crimes, regardless of personal guilt, is an extremely dangerous slippery slope that could ...

To the National Rifle Association (NRA), Charlton Heston, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, perhaps they need to have a near death experience as I and my family ...

A. The First Amendment. 13138600393_0aaa0f5018_z. 13138600393_0aaa0f5018_z

Role of State and Local Government and the Bill of Rights


How to Become a Bestselling Author & Get on a Bestseller List

Online Library of Liberty. A ...

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California's Background Check Law Had No Impact on Gun Deaths, Johns Hopkins Study Finds

Ask anyone who is engaged in making noise for Gun-nut Nation why they think the 2nd Amendment is so important and they'll tell you that we 'need' the '2nd ...

A public-school teacher in Washington State holds a sign at a 2017 rally calling

Pence, McConnell welcome Brett Kavanaugh to Capitol Hill

The House of Lords has voted to give Parliament a meaningful vote on Brexit Credit: AFP/Getty Images


“You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve YOUR freedom. “

I revised this essay in August when Donald Trump talked about the “2nd Amendment people” with regard to stopping Hillary and/or ...

The hand-written copy of the proposed Bill of Rights, 1789, cropped to just show the text that would later be ratified as the Fourth Amendment

... about this debate is the obfuscation, dissembling, intransigence, and hyperbole of both sides. I also detest the NRA, which I regard as a greedy, ...