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The Arctic centered on the North Pole Sea surrounded by land

The Arctic centered on the North Pole Sea surrounded by land


The Arctic centered on the North Pole Sea surrounded by land

The Antarctic centered on the South Pole Land surrounded by sea

Norway, Spitsbergen, Drift Ice in the Arctic Ocean

What Continent Is The North Pole On?

North Pole

The Donut Hole (and two other small ones nearby) at the center of the

Arctic Ocean

The South Pole

Smithsonian Ocean


Minimum and maximum sea ice cover for the Arctic and Antarctic

Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

The North Pole infographic


3 Things About the North Pole You Probably Didn't Know

sea ice near antarctica

Territorial claims in the Arctic

Sea cover in the Arctic Ocean, showing the median, 2005 and 2007 coverage

North Pole

Image of antarctic sea ice

The climate of both polar regions consists of long cold winters and short cool summers (or at least less cold than the winter) there is a spring and autumn ...

The Antarctic centered on the South Pole Land surrounded by sea

Gerardus Mercator's map of the North Pole from 1595

The South Pole infographic

Antarctic sea ice concentration relative to 1981-2000 normal, June 25, 2017. (National Snow and Ice Data Center)

an aerial photo showing melt ponds on Arctic sea ice, there are two researchers in

Nine things you need to know about polar sea ice

Why is the Arctic melting faster than the Antarctic?

#hollowearth #DarkTower #northpole

South Pole

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The Arctic has many large land animals including reindeer, musk ox, lemmings, arctic hares, arctic terns, snowy owls, squirrels, arctic fox and polar bears.

This map, based on data from the AMSR2 sensor, shows Antarctic sea ice on

Is Antarctic sea ice important, too? Is it shrinking?

Scientists Find Surprising Evidence of Rapid Changes in the Arctic Diminishing sea ...

Giant icebergs are surrounded by ice floe drift in Vincennes Bay, Antarctica. While Antarctica's sea ice is growing somewhat, the Arctic and the world's ...

South Pole

arctic boundary

IMAGE: Sea ice marginal zone in front of West Antarctic ice sheet. Polynias, ice free corridors between the sea ice and land based ice sheets, are common in ...

The South Pole

Comparison of (left) Arctic sea ice minimum to (right) Antarctic sea ice

Arctic Circle Map

True color Terra/MODIS satellite image of the earth rendered in orthographic projection, centered

Photograph of a polar bear standing on an ice floe.

Map courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Map of North Pole: Journey to the Top of the World including Finland, Russian

Historic Shift Means An Arctic Ocean Region Could Become Part of the Atlantic

The great majority of visitors are passengers on board the nuclear-powered Russian icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy (50 Years of Victory), which carries tourists ...

A group of people in heavy winter outerwear stand at the bow of a ship,

Ellesmere Island mountain tops bathed in light as the sun began to peak over the horizon

The South Pole

Credit: Alfred Wegener Institute

Antarctic Animals

A few interesting facts about the North Pole from Wikipedia: The depth of the ocean has been measured by Russian submersibles at 4,261 meters, or just under ...

The vessel cruising trough the pack ice


Satellite Photo of retreating sea ice in the Arctic Circle

The Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy was trapped in thick Antarctic ice 1,500 nautical miles south of Hobart, Australia, on Dec. 27, 2013.

Arctic Ocean currents and sea ice extent. Map courtesy of Phillippe Rekacewicz, UNEP/GRID-Arendal.

What Are the Different Types of Ice Formations Found on Earth?

Polar bear swimming (picture-alliance/dpa/H. Bäsemann)

Photograph of a large tabular iceberg and sea ice near Antarctica

Three polar bears approach USS Honolulu near the North Pole.

XY scatter graph of annual minimum sea ice extents in Antarctica since 1979

Svalbard: Halfway Between Norway and the North Pole

Ecology. Polarized: What makes the North Pole ...

The Mysteries of the First-Ever Map of the North Pole

Arctic ice - January

Effects of climate change are obvious in the Arctic. Thinning sea ice and less sea

South Pole

Dark Sector Telescopes at the South Pole Station. Buildings are the Martin A. Pomerantz Observatory (MAPO) on the right, the Background Imaging of Cosmic ...

Polar bear and cub in Alaska

How disappearing sea ice has put Arctic ecosystem under threat

Arctic people

Icebergs near Greenland - Arctic

Many ancient cultures shared similar beliefs in a sacred place at the north pole, often described as a harmonious paradise. The Norse would call it Agartha.

The Earth's Poles Are Having a Meltdown

Franz Josef land

If humans don't stop adding to global warming, in a mere hundred years

A large iceberg has broken the surrounding layer of consolidated sea ice.

Arctic Cruises & Tours

As Arctic Ice Vanishes, New Shipping Routes Open

The Barents Sea, the Kara Sea, and the Laptev Sea lie between the mainland coast of Russia and the North Pole. Many islands dot these seas.

This photograph shows the MetOcean Snow Buoy set up on Arctic sea ice

A Mysteriously Massive Hole in Antarctic Ice Has Returned | Smart News | Smithsonian

Sea ice at the North Pole. JONAA©Ragnar Axelsson, RAX

aerial photo of a glacier flowing off the West Antarctic Ice Sheet into the Bellinghausen Sea

Arctic Ocean voyage enters fragile world of old ice, polar bears

Polar Ice. A walrus sits on top of ice.

Arctic Ocean Seafloor Features Map

High Resolution Image

Ice Spitsbergen Hope Spot - Photo By Kip Evans

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