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The Art of Saying No Homeschool Parenting Kids parenting

The Art of Saying No Homeschool Parenting Kids parenting


The Art of Saying No | Homeschool Parenting | Kids, parenting, Parenting, Read aloud

There are a multitude of factors that play into the decision to homeschool a child, not the least of which is understanding parental time commitment to ...

Should You Homeschool An Only Child?

Breaking the habit of hollow praise is not easy, so here is a list of 25 alternatives to "good job" plus a free printable poster to help you remember!

Happy Kid

There are a wide variety of benefits to homeschooling, both to the student and to the family.

Parenting without saying no and creating boundaries for our children with intentional wording.

Alternatives to saying no to kids even when disciplining and how to help kids understand what

PBS KIDS for Parents

There are many myths about dyslexia and they are harming our kids! Learn 10 myths

9 Things Parents Who Homeschool Want You to Know

Body safety rules for kids. Every parent needs this printable poster! So important to prevent sexual abuse of children.

Click here for the HSLDA NV Legislation Monitoring Page

Homeschool Child Budget

Parenting. Prepared for the future: the one skill you'll actually need

I think the hardest thing about parenting a "tween" is realizing that it's a huge age range. "Tweens" are generally between the ages of 8 and 12, ...

See our post “Parents are Natural Teachers: Why Every Parent Needs to Get Involved in their Child's Learning”

What No One Told Me: Parenting a Child with Developmental Delays. As a parent


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Why I Homeschool my Gifted, Sensory Processing Child, and How

Some parents approach homeschooling with fear and trepidation; others with excitement and enthusiasm. Some may feel backed into a corner with no other ...

Is Homeschooling Anti-Social?

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What to Do When a Child Prefers One Parent Over the Other

Don't Homeschool Your Kids, Unschool Them

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The Techies Who Are Hacking Education by Homeschooling Their Kids

Parent-directed education takes the best of homeschooling and what's available in the world-

Emergency homeschooling

Mother and son with apples

The Best Books to Help Homeschooling Parents Dig Deeper into Homeschool Methods & Educational Philosophy


Why Homeschool? Here are 10 Good Reasons

Rachel Plummer and her two children, Audrey and

Achtung Baby: An American Mom on the German Art of Raising Self-Reliant Children

These activists want greater home-school monitoring. Parent groups say no way.

As a single parent homeschooling, the number-one question people ask me (usually

Unschooled kids learn what they want – no curriculum, no homework, no tests


Posts in Practical Parenting

Are You Using “Failed Parenting Strategies?”

Homeschool Colored Pencils Wooden Table

The Homeschooling Introvert

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Homeschooling, Parenting, Podcast · Boy Brain: What Moms Need to Know

Never Say No: Raising Big-Picture Kids: Mark Foreman, Jan Foreman: 9780781411738: Amazon.com: Books

NHN's position on the NV-ESA by Barbara Dragon:

Christopherus Homeschool Resources Waldorf-inspired Parenting and Education

Homeschool ad travel. Homeschooling on the road

What It's Really Like To Homeschool Your Kids – By The Parents Actually Doing It. "

After a number of horrific abuse cases involving children educated at home, a private members

Psychology Today


A First-time Homeschooling Parent's Guide on Homeschooling in the Philippines

My Homeschooling and Parenting Guest Posts for Bright Ideas Press 2 ...

homeschooling girl


Homeschooling Pros and Cons

10 good reasons to home school your child

Christian, Conservative And Parenting A Transgender Child In Texas

Homeschooling in Australia – Who, What and Why

Being a kid isn't easy. Parenting as they grow up isn't

10 Things You Need To Consider Before Homeschooling - Adventure Travel Family

The New Face of U.S. Homeschooling Is Hispanic

The Brave Learner: Finding Everyday Magic in Homeschool, Learning, and Life by Julie Bogart

Do you worry about the socialization of homeschooled children? Then this post is for you. “

4 Things to Tell Yourself When You Want to Quit Homeschooling: Discouraged woman with hand

Why Teachers Choose to Homeschool Their Own Children. “

Richmond Virginia Homeschool Resource Guide

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First of all, I wanted to make it clear that I am not a teacher and the thought of doing this was absolutely terrifying.

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Why pushing kids to learn too much too soon is counterproductive


How to Homeschool in Michigan

10 Effective Ways to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

The Art and Science of Natural Parenting

Super dumb letter went to homeschool parents in Little Rock

Autumn King with her four children, expecting her fifth. (Autumn King)

'School is very oppressive': why home-schooling is on the rise. '

Children Learn What They Live Poem by Dorothy Law Nolte - Subway Art Poster - 11"x14"

Homeschooling Parents Cry Foul Over New Rules From the Department of Ed

Six Ways Parents Destroy Their Children Without Trying

Child sitting at desk doing homework

Tse Lai-man with her four-year-old son Kong Ching-tin

Homeschooling Is A Major Lifestyle Change

Homeschooling and Child Custody: When Parents Disagree

Parenting Autism Summit – Free Online Conference for Parents Raising Kids with Autism, Level 1 or Asperger's

The Duggans starting a game with their children. Photograph: James Flynn/APX

Column: Hey teachers, please stop using behavior charts. Here's why

Parents Guide to Homeschooling The ...