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The Beautiful Alaskan Island Where Bears Outnumber The People

The Beautiful Alaskan Island Where Bears Outnumber The People


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Alaska's Admiralty Island – Home To North America's Highest Density Of Brown Bears

Kodiak Island is a gorgeous piece of the Kodiak Archipelago.

Admiralty Island brown bears

This island is the 7th largest island in the United States and is divided by the

The Beautiful Alaskan Island Where Bears Outnumber The People

Admiralty Island mountains

Everyone Needs To Visit Alaska's Emerald Island At Least Once

In case of an emergency, how would you receive medical care?

The Beautiful Alaskan Island Where Bears Outnumber The People | Islands and Secluded Beaches | Travel, Winter hiking, Alaska

More than 1,600 Alaskan brown bears inherit the island within this protected area.

Stunning mountain and coastal views on Admiralty Island

Here Are 16 Islands In Alaska That Are An Absolute Must Visit

Beginner's Guide to Alaska

This island is a marine temperate climate, which makes it an excellent place to visit year round.

Brown bears feeding on the coast of Admiralty Island

The ultimate dream vacation

a body of water in front of portage glacier

The Beautiful Alaskan Island Where Bears Outnumber The People | Bears | Alaskan brown bear, Bear a Brown Bear

A WSU researcher lived with grizzly bears in Alaska. She came away convinced humans and grizzlies can coexist | Local News | Spokane | The Pacific Northwest ...

As animals go, the bear is pretty spectacular

Barnacles on the rocks at low tide with a stunning backdrop of mountains and our lodge

An Alaska National Park as Big as Connecticut. Annual Visitors? 23,000. - The New York Times

The island has many deep, ice free bays which provide safe harbor for boats that need anchorage.


click to enlarge The meadows in Alaska's Hallo Bay are ideal grazing land for grizzly bears. - JOSH


Watch big, big bears. In parts of Alaska, bears outnumber people by a ...

Here is Admiralty Island in Southeast Alaska, where the bear population is about 1,600,

Holiday Details

The Rainforest Islands of Alaska. Jan 20, 2015 Anan Creek Bear Observatory is one of the best spots for black bear viewing. /

6 Ways to See Polar Bears in the Wild

Pybus Bay with a mountain backdrop at sunset and a rainbow haze


With landscapes that have remained largely undisturbed from their original states, Alaska is chock full of rare wildlife. There are the legendary grizzly ...

Paradise found: 14 of the world's most incredible islands

A group of brown bears at Port Armstrong. The large subadult in the very center of the picture has been marked with a green paintball on its right side.


My itinerary is in blue.

A new book with unexpected good news about polar bears

Alaska: Mesmerised by majesty

"Alaska has so many beautiful sights, but some of the most gorgeous pictures can

Camp in a rugged wonderland

Passengers take in the view of the Coast Mountains in Alaska from a ferry

Wildlife holidays in Canada, Alaska & the Arctic

Chief Shakes Island Wrangell Alaska The ...

Alaska Facts

Do they offer a variety of activity options?

Alaska: Sailing the Inside Passage with Celebrity and Good Friends

Floatplane transporting visitors to Admiralty Island


Another day closes with a serene scene of diving whales and a lingering sunset

Bears, Waterways and Wilderness Safari


Alaska and Canada Bears, Whales and Wilderness

It's a land of mists and mountains and, apart from Prince Rupert, only scattered human populations. Bears and other wildlife outnumber the people!

12 amazing islands you'll only find in the US

These Are The Best Places To Take Instagram Pictures In Each State, According To People Who Live There

Animals of the Arctic

wildlfowers near the lake and mountains in Alaska

What to expect: a lush, green island where art thrives, organic is next to godliness, and small-town comfort is seriously celebrated.


Discover Authentic Beauty in Alaska with Silversea Silversea's luxury cruise ships to Alaska provide a feast for the senses, both onboard and off-shore.



Mackenzie Mountains

Last week an otter tried to climb onto my kayak. Sea otters look like ocean-going koala bears so I wasn't afraid. but I did fear for my water bottle.

kenai river snaking through the mountains in alaska

Unseen Alaska

alaskan wildlife

Romania's breathtaking Carpathian Mountains

Bald eagles of Admiralty Island

Although moose aren't naturally aggressive, you wouldn't want to get this

Aniakchak was once a stratovolcano that exploded 3500 years ago. Courtesy of Roy Wood.


North Cascades National Park

Luxury yacht charter, luxury yacht. Alaskan Brown Bear. Admiralty Island ...

The Bush

Discovering the bear necessities of life in Alaska


What to expect: a tropical island that you had never heard of, and now won't be able to forget. Closer to Asia than North America in the Pacific Ocean, ...

man standing on a ferry looking out at Alaskan scenery

I am a creature among creatures, as needy and hungry, as on-the-prowl as they are. I wake up every morning looking for ...

10 things rural Alaskans have to explain to out-of-towners

Exclusive Alaska at Sheldon Chalet

Admiralty Island: a mile land mass off the Alaskan panhandle where brown bears outnumber human beings three to one .

Alaskan waterfall