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The Vital Skills Kids Learn Through Outdoor Play SCREEN FREE

The Vital Skills Kids Learn Through Outdoor Play SCREEN FREE


children playing outside

Outside free play is vital to the development of the child. Children play to learn.

Shaunna Evans (sponsored post written on behalf of L.L. Bean) highlights 6 lifelong skills

Children playing in the outdoor play garden of Rathoe Community Childcare Centre, Rathoe, Co

For children, play is learning. There is no better space for kids to learn than the outdoors, and there is no better play resource than nature.

Children playing in the “mud kitchen” of Wigwams Childcare Service, Kilcullen, Co

Reasons why Outdoor Free Play is good for children Play Based Learning, Learning Stories,

Pin It on Pinterest. Neve Spicer. 43 Ways our Kids Thrive on Free Play


Group Interaction

A wide variety of experts agree play is essential for a child's brain development. Studies show free play affects neurological development and determines ...

Five Reasons Why Screen-Free Week is Essential for Kids and Families

Benefits of Free Play [Infographic]

When we ask children why they run, jump or swing they tell us “because it's fun.” But when we ask play researchers, “Why is climbing play, swinging play and ...

Children playing with Kitcamp.

Inclusion is a Value for Life. Inclusion is an important value that children learn from the playground.

Why is play important for children's development - free printable poster Early Years Education, Early

Self Confidence and Self Esteem Benefits of Play

Children blowing bubbles outside


At the other end of the pyramid is solitary, sedentary, passive time, which is absolutely fine as a treat when balanced with the rest of the activities in ...

Kids Running

Why recess is as valuable as any subject in school

Poster showing the benefits of playing outside! | Wilder Child Childcare Environments, Learning Environments

Gross Motor Skills and Development of Play The Functional Skills for Kids ...

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The Secret Power of Play

This year I flew solo with my kids from NYC to Norway. I wanted to be sure that we survived the voyage. So we invested in two Amazon Fire Tablets for my ...

Nurturing Creativity & Imagination for Child Development

Lloyd & Gray 2014 PDF. Abstract: Learning in the outdoors has significant educational advantages for children ...

If 56% of children continue to spend less time outdoors than maximum security prisoners in the US, then the harder the search for our future leaders, ...

Protect Your Child's Playtime: It's More Important than Homework, Lessons, and Organized Sports

The Backyard Play Revolution: How to Engage Kids in Simple, Inexpensive Outdoor Play and Increase Child Health and Motor/Sensory Development: Jason Runkel ...

Active play experiences help young children develop physical literacy

Child-Led Play. Play Based LearningLearning Through ...

Children's Mental Health Guide Banner

Overprotected Childhood: How Keeping Kids Safe is Actually Harming Them

Children's Group, LLC

Reflections on the 2019 Childhood Summit

Emotional. “

A Prescription for Play

Importance Of Sports For The Development Of Your Child

No screen time for babies, only one hour for children under five: World Health Organisation issues first-ever guidelines

Fun Outdoor Activities (Studies Prove Why Playing Outside Is SO Important!)

“If we love our children and want them to thrive, we must allow them more time and opportunity to play, not less,” Gray has written.

Bringing Back Play: What the Loss of Play Means for Our Children

Children should be free to play, not prisoners in their homes

Your kid may not be a champion yet but he is in the journey of becoming one. To prove that, here are 8 life lessons that young champions can learn playing:

What are visual perceptual skills and why are they important?

Mike Lanza, used with permission. Nico leaping from playhouse roof to trampoline

The most important role of a preschool teacher is to facilitate play

To reverse these negative trends, consider how children develop value and an intrisic love for outdoor play. Intrinsic motivation is developed through ...

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afford but as want and need for such things increases the demand is met bringing the prices down. This is fortunate as parents become more and more worried ...

Mayla in nature with an Umbrella Tree frond over her head.

Importance of Reading With Kids: 10 Great Benefits


Sure Start centres like these used to bring parents together for much-needed support and

Improving your child's listening skills


Nature Play QLD inspires outdoor play, learning and kids' love of nature. We provide free resources, information, activities and ideas for adults to support ...

The Convincing Case for Sending Your Kids Outside to Play Alone | Inhabitots

Awesome Gardening Projects for Kids - JDaniel4s Mom Outside Activities For Kids, Spring Activities,

Children's total screen time on weekdays and weekend days, 4-5 to 12-

kids playing in cardboard boxes ...

Surveys of children show many would prefer to spend time outside if only they could. But parents tell us about their fears for their children's safety.

Another great benefit is that children have the chance to develop other outdoor interests, and learn about the natural environment.

He came up for breathers only to deal with vital biological functions. Any interest in other projects or outdoor play paled in comparison to the allure of ...


Screen Time and Obstacles to Physical Activity

How to prepare your child for primary school

A child plays in woods in Yorkshire.

Sand Play: Nature's Etch-a-Sketch

I really believe we are just scratching the surface of finding out how detrimental staying indoors will be to our kids.

Childhood should be filled with fun and play. Picture: Supplied

Inclusion is a Value for Life. Inclusion is an important value that children learn from the playground.

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One in three children plays outside for 30 minutes or less each day

Planters create the ideal sensory play experience for children with special educational needs

... The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children

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Basic movement skills lead to more complex sport skills

Learning in the playground: the benefits of play

Connections: A Newsletter for Family Child Care Providers

Enhance your child's learning potential and overall wellness through outdoor play.

It's no secret that today's kids don't spend nearly as much time playing outside as their parents did growing up. There are fewer kickball games with the ...

Resources for playing – providing loose parts to support children’s play A toolkit