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The awesome LeMat The grape shot revolver stands out as the most

The awesome LeMat The grape shot revolver stands out as the most


The awesome LeMat. The "grape shot revolver" stands out as the most remarkable

LeMat (Grape Shot Revolver)

Civil War Era Paris Marked First Model Le Mat Grapeshot


LeMat Revolver

The awesome LeMat. The "grape shot revolver" stands out as the most remarkable handgun of the Civil War. A 9-shot, .42-caliber cyli…


LeMat Grapeshot Revolvers: Design Evolution

Le Mat revolver primarily used by confederates such as Stuart, Beauregard, and Bragg. All Le Mat revolvers of the Civil War period feature a 9 rounds, ...

Video: Civil War's Unique LeMat Revolver

LeMat revolver - Not many handguns in the museum collection have both rifled and smoothbore barrels, but this battle-worn LeMat revolver also offers a total ...

With a little force 16-gauge shot cups can be shoved down the barrel but cushion wads and over-shot wads have to be home-made.

Navy Arms Thomas Jackson Commemorative LeMat Revolver

The LeMat sights are period crude—OK for combat, tough going for target shooting.

Confederate Cofer Revolver

Le Mat center-fire/ Joseph W. Desserich collection.

Modern reproduction of a LeMat cap and ball Revolver.

Lemat Revolver The American Civil War Chronicles. Denix Replica Pistols - Discount Cutlery.

For info on just what the heck these are, check out my column at Guns.com.

2nd Model Lemat Revolver .42 Caliber, Nine Shot Cylinder With Lot.

The Le Mat is a big revolver. The central shotgun barrel is approximately 18-bore (as in the original) which demands a pretty fair-sized cylinder to ...

Here's the Apache revolver. Latente Flickr

LeMat, Cartridge, Late, Cut for Stock.

Exceptional Colt Model 1851 Navy Percussion Revolver

NobleWares Image of Redemption Dead On Collection - Non-firing M1861 LeMat Grapeshot Revolver replica 1070G by Denix


LeMat "Grape Shot" Revolver Gun Print

Le Mat center-fire/ Joseph W. Desserich collection. Revolver Mat

1830s-1860s American "New Orleans" Confederate

LeMat Grapeshot Revolvers: Design Evolution

Civil War U.S. Springfield Model 1861 Percussion Rifle-Musket

As we progress into the 1930's there are two firearms of interest; the Noah Schoonover design and the ultra impressive Charles Manville design.

... pioneered by Samuel Colt and others, the Le Mat design was put aside for posterity to wonder at, along with the pepperbox, blunderbuss and hand cannon.

Extra-Fancy 20-Shot Pinfire Revolver

LeMat Revolver All beautifully engraved and adorned in an ornate, Art Deco style by Raymond J. Wielgus

AMF ID: M19-1009

Blasts From the Past: The LeMat Revolver

1904 Advertisement for Iver Johnson revolver Poster


LeMat 1st Model Grape Shot Revolver, Serial number 188 made for the Confederacy. LeMat

Revolver Shots

One of the most significant innovations in firearm design, a revolver features a cylindrical magazine that holds each round in an individual chamber.

FIGHTING IRON: COLONEL LE MAT'S "GRAPESHOT REVOLVER" This essay appeared in Magnum Magazine in South Africa

Revolvers in the US Civil War vs European & colonial warfare

PLEASE NOTE: BIDDING IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THIS CATALOG. This digital catalog is only for viewing the items included in this auction.

Photo courtesy of IMFDB.org

The case lid is inlaid with a brass shield and border, showing a horizontal crack at the center, other wise in very good shape.

Lemat. Black Powder Revolver For Sale.

Desirable and Fine Sharps Model 1853 Slant Breech Percussion Carbine

John Bianchi Consigns Part His Collection to Lock Stock & Barrel Investments!

Gunfight Friday: Ruger .45 vs. Kimber .45

Le Mat "Grapeshot" percussion revolver, 1862-1865. Charles Frederic Girard et Cie, Paris, France. .40 caliber. Serial number 2014. A combination of a cap ...

Confederate Navy Baby LeMat Grapeshot Revolver

LeMat "Grape Shot" Revolver Gun Print

Home Defender - Inside Military Surplus Fall 2016 | Cartridge (Firearms) | Revolver


Engraved LeMat Centerfire Cartridge Model

out of Jackson Mississippi This Confederate Cavalry grouping was found altogether and its so very rare { Very Good Price - $6995.00 }

Twice as nice: the double-barreled cannon

The Pietta company of Brescia, Italy has manufactured modern reproductions of the LeMat revolver since 1985. United States distributors include Navy Arms ...

While left home alone I tried to furnish our new bedroom. Found some display stands

Photo courtesy of IMFDB.org


Image Unavailable

Belgian Proof Marks Centerfire Lemat Pistol


Brimstone Gazette .

... (though known as the "500 Magnum Revolver" in the actual game) and they can be dual-wielded, a feat that even surpasses the Desert Eagle's dual-wielding ...

In Colt's and Remington's percussion revolvers the rammer levers are hell for stout: their leverage is enormous and a ball can be shoved into a chamber ...

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... a 24” “Artillery” model and a .56 caliber “British” model with brass trigger-guard and buttplate; and the Model 1855 Revolving Shotgun was chambered for ...

TDS Customs coated smith&wesson sd9ve Playing with colors just to show some of the color and

Flintlock Pistol - "Nothing Is Certain But Death And Taxes." #1700s #

Confederate Shipped Colt Model 1860 Fluted Cylinder Revolver

The British Bulldog is a very popular British coat pocket revolver. The gun is compact with a 5 shot cylinder, available in .442 RIC, .44 Short rimfire, ...

AMF ID: CM19-145

Watch: The Ten Most Bizarre Guns Ever Made - AllOutdoor.comAllOutdoor.com

Colt M1892 - Image: Colt Model 1892 Revolver

.45 Fitz Special

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Pinfire LeMat Grapeshot Revolver

Sig Sauer P238 Two Tone Semi-Auto Pistol

out of Jackson Mississippi This Confederate Cavalry grouping was found altogether and its so very rare { Very Good Price - $6995.00 }

Lot 1605 - Magnificent Cased Engraved Gold Inlaid Consecutively Serial Numbered Pair of Holland & Holland