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The clean hydrogen future has already begun Modern Diplomacy

The clean hydrogen future has already begun Modern Diplomacy


The clean hydrogen future has already begun

The global energy landscape is undergoing a major transformation. This year's Innovate4Climate (I4C) will have a priority focus on battery storage, ...

Back to the future

How Northwest Europe can shape a clean hydrogen market

Bus électrique : à Londres, RATP Dev accueille 36 exemplaires du chinois BYD

Modern Diplomacy

Modern Diplomacy

An advanced smart charging approach, called Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), allows EVs not to just withdraw electricity from the grid, but to also inject electricity ...

Indian Military Advancements and Strategic Stability of South Asia

Greening industry through a transition to hydrogen societies - Modern Diplomacy

Renewable Energy the Most Competitive Source of New Power Generation in GCC - Modern Diplomacy

It has also become clear that fast and ultra-fast charging are a priority for the mobility sector, however, slow charging is actually better suited for ...

Powering the Future

The state of the Energy Union explained

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The clean hydrogen future has already begun - Modern Diplomacy | Artstrada Magazine | Busses, Vans, Vehicles

Recent reports

Global new investment in clean energy, graph BNEF, Bloomberg.

Pimagazine Asia Vol 10 - Issue 1. Pimagazine Asia takes a look at the Hydrogen future ...

The New Silk Road is Paved With Clean Energy — What America Can Learn From China's Solar Panel Diplomacy

Letter to the Editor on Trump's Failed Approach to "Diplomacy". This letter has been ...

... (TCPs) are unique research partnerships that underpin IEA efforts to support innovation. The Advanced Fuel Cells TCP has been active since 1990.

Figure 3: Changes in EU GDP and primary energy consumption

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While the EU is on track to meet its 2020 targets for renewable energy, efforts should be stepped up to ensure that 2030 targets are met (Figure 4).

If hydrogen could be made to store energy cheaply enough, it would allow utilities to scale back on fossil fuel plants by making it easier for the grid to ...

Forum held in Kigali on increasing access to sustainable energy in East Africa

The technology to use hydrogen as energy storage is well known, although not yet demonstrated in a commercial setting.

Hydrogen Bombshell.

The Future of Petrochemicals Petrochemical products are everywhere and are integral to modern societies. The production, use and disposal of ...

Observations, Diplomacy, and the Future of Ocean Governance

Letter to the Editor on Trump's Failed Approach to "Diplomacy". This letter has been ...

Toyota launches its hydrogen-fuelled vision of the future, the Mirai

IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs) are unique research partnerships that underpin IEA efforts to support innovation. The Hydrogen TCP has been ...

Hydrogen fuel cell train Alstom Eversholt

AMEC, Graph, electricity prices, 2018.

Planning for Existential Hope

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Hyundai Nexo hydrogen fuel-cell

Carbon Risk and Resilience

The attached is an effort to show in a readily understandable way the mind-bending scale of the energy challenge associated with deep decarbonization.

Although PV and wind are variable energy resources, the approaches to support them to achieve a reliable 100% renewable electricity grid are straightforward ...

Riversimple Rasa review The Riversimple Rasa is a hydrogen fuel cell car ...

The partnership's fuel cell bus emits only water vapor. April 12, 2018 (Screengrab

A network of energy producers and consumers.

Mapping the connections in mining

Discussion 1 – Zero Emission Vehicles (Clean Transportation) – CleanBC Engagements

Table 7. Targets and main actions in the hydrogen roadmap and action plan.

... IEEFA Puerto Rico: Governor looks to Wall Street cash to fund re-election bid

A ...

Bloomberg New Energy Finance has been cautious in their position about renewable energy investment growth, for example, although one could say ...

This is exactly how a nuclear war would kill you

Global Clean Energy Investment, Graph, 2018

As we increase the percentage of electricity generated from renewables, one of the concerns is intermittency and the need to meet peak demand that can — and ...

Buses drive into the future with electric fleets

But then Buck Rogers at the IEEE doesn't have a clue?

Hyundai Nexo London - Edinburgh - London drive 1000 mile drive handout provider Yasmin Fletcher Ready for anything?

Clean energy manufacturing value added (2014, US$ billion)

How on Earth do you get anything that is reliant on fossil fuels?

(Jacobson et al., Energy & Environmental Science, 2015)

The EU has strengthened its energy security. New rules 37 on security of gas supply and electricity risk preparedness have been adopted to organise ...

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Periodic table New version warns of elements that are endangered

wind vs. natural gas

Fig 5 – URR 185 Gb – 2020 Forecast – click to enlarge


Stronger and better-interconnected grids in the Member States have allowed for more effective application of the internal energy market's rules.

The hydrogen city How hydrogen can help achieve zero emissions

... IEEFA report: U.S. likely to end 2018 with record decline in coal-fired capacity

How Green Is China's High-Speed Rail?

Diplomacy Not War Highlights of Accomplishments 1

We would like to invite you at the EU Energy Day organised by the EU GCC Clean Energy Technology Network together with the Directorate-General for Energy of ...

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Here is the more recent version of the CERA graph that has been adjusted down.

Many projections for the future of temperature changes at the Earth's surface have been done, with the overall view that temperatures are likely to carry on ...

What has been plotted is local temperature anomalies divided by the local standard deviation. These T/sigma values are collected for separate decades and a ...

Hydrogen fuel cell scooter motorbike 2017 Suzuki

... IEEFA U.S.: Solar-plus-storage is undermining the economics of existing coal-

3–7 June 2019 The 14th International Conference on the Chemistry of Selenium and Tellurium

Europe's love affair with diesel cars has been a disaster

And Amazon is not the only company requesting clean energy for their businesses. Apple, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Ikea, Kellogg's, Walmart, ...

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Ignoring Diplomacy's Past and It's Future Promises, Editorial Board, New York Times, March 29, 2017

VanadiumCorp joins the Vanitec Energy Storage Committee (ESC) - VanadiumCorp Resource Inc.

2018 Q3: A chronology in pictures & charts of developments in climate, energy, tech & the future of civilisation

Energy Interdependence in a Multi-polar World: Towards a Market-based Strategy for Safeguarding European Energy Supplies | Cairn.info

Bringing together 140 key experts and decision-makers from all parts of the hydrogen value chain to inform a major new IEA study that will assess the state ...

... Trump presides over a divided democracy.

Sanctions: War by other means

... now been postponed until 2019, as the rainy season (July-August) is expected to partially replenish the reservoirs.

Note: The EU does not regulate any of rows 1, 2 and 4 at the federal (EU) level. Source: Ref. [30].

The 8th Annual EmiratesGBC Congress will be held on 1st &2nd May at the Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre Hotel. The Theme of the Congress is Circling in on ...