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The field of Data Science is massive and has its own fair share of

The field of Data Science is massive and has its own fair share of


Pros and Cons of Data Science

In fact, the data does not show great cross-country differences (see below), apart from UK's data science still being more 'Financial' than 'Tech', ...


On the other hand, the heavy prevalence of Economics and Social Sciences graduates in the sample (21%) might be welcome news for the less mathematically ...

In the 2018 edition, we saw a tremendous gap between countries. More than half of the data scientists in the USA had more than 5 years of experience.

For you to become a professional data scientist, working in data mining and business intelligence firms you have to understand the fundamentals of data ...

Introducing Jonathan Nolis

Data Science Analytics Predictions 2019

4cg-data-science-projects-jobs-career. This article is a part of ...

The Startup Founder's Guide to Analytics

... which we hope you are, because data science implies some analytical prowess, you are just about noticing that there is a large percentage of the ...

A Full-Time Data Science Degree is a Must for Making the Transition

Shutterstock. Shutterstock. Artificial intelligence (AI) and its subset, cognitive computing, have been subject to a fair share of debates ...

Data science and big data are contextually one the hottest fields of studies. If you have means to study either of them, go for it.

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Figure 1: Digital growth. Source: Dirk Helbing

The hidden value in imperfect big data

... at the center of which is "Big Data", wherein we generate, collect, store, and can process data at phenomenally higher rates than is sustainable even by ...

Getting Your First Data Science Job

Focus on transitioning to a data science role within your organization

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As aspiring Data Scientists, curiosity drives us everywhere we can find new exciting knowledge. A well told data story will keep us sat for hours and we all ...

In a previous blog post: Programming language that rules the Data Intensive (Big Data, Fast Data) frameworks, I have briefly discussed some of the most ...


A political scientist explains how big data is transforming politics. “

Big data in healthcare holds a great power in store and can help hospitals and medecine

There are several success stories in the Indian analytics sector. But only seldom has one come across as unique one as that of Ankush Bhandari from IMS ...

How It Feels to Learn Data Science in 2019

Gabriel and Hugo discuss his role on helping to make the BBC more data informed.

The Most Important Algorithms for Marketing Data Analysts to Understand


Will Democracy Survive Big Data and Artificial Intelligence?

Apax pumps in $200 mn in AI company Fractal Analytics

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Fact: You're Just Not Good Enough for Big Data Big Data

Two dogmas of big data. “

The Best Statistics & Probability Courses for Data Science — Class Central Career Guides

Let's do it.

Before we get into the types and uses of Big Data tools, let us quickly revisit the concept in a little more detail. There is no complete consensus in the ...

"Today's big data leaders have been working at analytics for 10 years or more,

Simultaneous Structures in Convex Signal Recovery—Revisiting the Convex Combination of Norms

Three big questions about AI in financial services

What is the real difference between Data Science and Software Engineering Teams?

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OkCupid Data Scrape[3]. okcupid big data ethics scrape data science experiment. In 2016, almost 70,000 Okcupid profiles had their data released onto the ...

These are some of the crucial questions that retailers recurrently face:

I hope you liked the first part of the Big Data Ecosystem series and welcome to the second part of this series. Now, it's time to peep into the nitty-gritty ...

... Download full-size image. Fig. 5. The landscape of the Big Data network with ...

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Transitioning from Big Data to Discovery: Data Management as a Keystone Analytics Strategy

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Latin america big data market

Large image for longform feature pages. (Joanna Andreasson). It has been a ...

“I think one of the big opportunities is that we can use data for more than what we originally gathered it for,” says Leroy Mwanzia, Chief Data Officer at ...

For a fair, free and open future: celebrating 15 years of the Open Knowledge Foundation


Ph.D is Mandatory to Become a Data Scientist

For a very long time, SAS was the dominant analytical tool used by data scientists everywhere. SAS stands for 'Statistical Analysis Software' and has been ...

... 30.

In 2015, 2.35 million jobs demanded Data Science and Analytic (DSA) skills. By 2020, the demand for DSA jobs is projected to grow 15%, according to ...

0 23 views In conversation with Food Tank, Dr. Medha Devare discusses the importance of data management

Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy by Cathy O'Neil

Which Programming Language Is Best for Big Data?

Even for experience people – internships are a very effective way to break into data science. We have now seen so many successful transitions enabled by ...

Figure 2: At the digital crossroads. Source: Dirk Helbing

Why you need to improve your training data, and how to do it

The Cambridge Analytica Data Apocalypse Was Predicted in 2007

The Big Data Revolution Will Be Sampled: How 'Big Data' Has Come To Mean 'Small Sampled Data'

Disclaimer: I am a co-founder @GreyAtom, assisting engineering talents find sustainable careers in emerging technologies.

I like how Yellowfin has also elegantly integrated machine assisted insights that can be specifically guided by human expertise. and their democratized data ...

I trust you're on board now with the idea that data has a dark history full of examples like these ones that I've quickly touched on. Want more?

... and how they enable better management, integration, and sharing of data. Check out the agenda at http://www.triconference.com/Bioinformatics-Big-Data /.

Ethics to Ecotech: 5 Unmissable Talks At Data Natives 2018


My review of Microsoft's data science virtual machine (DSVM) for deep learning

"Big data and analytics represent a huge opportunity for today's business leaders." -

Join us as we walk through Gen3's components and demonstrate how researchers can bring data into Gen3 and use our suite of ...

Data Storage Terms

Mechaduino- Closed Loop Stepper Servos For Everyone | Hackaday Data Science, Machine Learning,

... Download full-size image

5 ethics principles big data analysts must follow

Beautiful Data Science Presentations

Justice in the age of big data


It's a Wrap: Highlights from Data Natives 2018