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The ghost ape in bonobos Nature Research Ecology Evolution

The ghost ape in bonobos Nature Research Ecology Evolution


Overview of the history of bonobos and their relatives.

Bonobo at Lola Ya Bonobo, DRC. Photo: Cintia Garai (Wildlife Messengers).

'Hippie Chimps' Had Sex with Mysterious 'Ghost Ape' Hundreds of Thousands of Years Ago

Genes from an extinct “ghost ape” live on in modern bonobos

The great ape 'ghost': A new chimpanzee hidden in the DNA of the bonobos - International News

The two apes above might look very similar to the untrained eye, but they belong to two very different species. The one on the right is a bonobo; ...

A genetic study has just unveiled an unknown chapter of interspecies sex that brings humans and their two closest living relatives closer together: bonobos ...

Image taken in the wild at Wamba forest reserve, DRC. Credit: Dr.


Charity of the apes – chimps spontaneously help each other

Ulrich, an immature male bonobo studied by LuiKotale Bonobo Project researchers

In Kibale National Park, Uganda, female chimps have taken to carrying sticks around with them. There's nothing obviously unusual about that – chimps are ...

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Rôle de Joko, by Charles Mazurier, c. 1826. The New York Public

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Great ape personhood

New great ape discovered... and immediately listed as world's most endangered

Model of population history in Pan species with archaic gene flow into... | Download Scientific Diagram


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New great ape species found, sparking fears for its survival


A third trophic level predator-prey interaction (carnivory)


But the human brain is seven times bigger than that of other similarly sized animals. Our close relative, the chimpanzee, has a brain that's ...

Still images illustrating progressive stages of a single trial of the serial ordering task. Two chimpanzees sit in adjacent booths and participate in a ...

A blue monkey (Cercopithecus ascanius) consuming the ripe fruit pulp

[Image: photo.jpg]

... on the evolutionary history of this curious guenon: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/613273v1.abstract?%3Fcollection= …pic.twitter.com/mEizpKvRot

When Delta Airlines refused to let Arijit Guha board a plane because his T-shirt made passengers uncomfortable, others made Delta aware of their outrage.

Defining and Measuring Communities

NatureEcoEvo. Nature Ecology & Evolution publishes research and comment across the ...

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The Skywalker Hoolock gibbon (Hoolock tianxing). Photograph taken on Carolyn Thompson's recent field trip to China. (Photo credit: Carolyn Thompson)

A second level trophic level predator-prey interaction (herbivory)



How orangutan engineers build safe and comfortable treetop beds

[Image: 171107122904_1_540x360.jpg]

Mammalian empathy: behavioural manifestations and neural basis | Nature Reviews Neuroscience

Apes' forward-pointing eyes were used to spot potential predators, prey, and social signals. An evolutionary adaptation to a life in socially complex groups ...

Chimpanzee retirement gains momentum, and x-ray 'ghost images' could cut radiation doses from Science Magazine Podcast on RadioPublic

[Image: photo.jpg]

... bonobos and an unknown extinct great ape several hundred thousand years ago. The findings are published in @NatureEcoEvo. https://go.nature.com/2V8oSLy ...

How Early Humans Handled Aggression

Wildlife Messengers

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Ape relationships are shown in grey for the chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes), bonobo (P. paniscus), gorilla and orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus).


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'Hippie chimps' had sex with mysterious 'ghost ape' hundreds of thousands of years ago | Lite 106.5 KBVA

Self-Domestication in Bonobos and Other Wild Animals - Richard Wrangham (4/9/19)


Chimpanzees Temporal range: Middle Pliocene - Recent

A simple food web illustrating the sun (solar energy source) and the first,

Bonobos Converse

... macaques differently depending on whether the male is holding an infant or not: https://tinyurl.com/y5ewxqee @PsychLincolnpic.twitter.com/Tzvp5yewcR

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Frans de waal our inner ape a leading primatologist explains why we are who we are by Joey Bravo - issuu

'Hippie chimps' had sex with mysterious 'ghost ape' hundreds of thousands of years ago | Lite 106.5 KBVA

Figure 1: Geographical distribution and test for admixture between.

Our Inner Ape: A Leading Primatologist Explains Why We Are Who We Are by Frans de Waal

Playing by the same rules reduces the differences between humans, chimps and monkeys


Prosimian biogeography is classic for its concentration in areas around the Indian Ocean, and in this respect, prosimian evolution is similar to many other ...


The Naked Ape

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Apple and Qualcomm drop all lawsuits in surprise settlement

Homo Mysterious: Evolutionary Puzzles of Human Nature

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Stefano Kaburu

The pervasive role of social learning in primate lifetime development | SpringerLink

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On a grassy Ethiopian plateau, revolution and death are underway. The plateau is home to a group of geladas – shaggy, grass-eating, and occasionally ...

Welcome to the Family

One is the pygmy chimpanzee or bonobo Pan paniscus - yet another identity lately proposed for Mafuka by some researchers (click here for a separate ...

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Unlike humans, chimpanzees only punish when they've been personally wronged - Not Exactly Rocket Science : Not Exactly Rocket Science

Text between a picture of a chimpanzee and a lemur saying: "How well do


ANIMAL NEWS FOR DAEMON SOULS AND ALL ANIMAL LOVERS | School of Evolutionary Astrology Message Board

The ghost ape in bonobos | Nature Research Ecology & Evolution Community | Animals | Nature research, Chimpanzee, Evolution

Hanuman langurs near Ramnagar, Nepal, fishing for aquatic plants


Source: Photograph by Gregory Scott Hamilton,Honolulu Zoo.

Thibaud Gruber | PhD | University of Geneva, Genève | UNIGE | Interfaculty Centre for Affective Sciences