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The suns magnetic field drives changes on its surface and beyond

The suns magnetic field drives changes on its surface and beyond


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Solar Wind Infographic The Sun releases a constant stream of particles and magnetic fields ...

The Earth-orbiting Solar Dynamics Observatory takes spectacular portraits of the sun, like this ultraviolet view of active regions captured in 2015.

Earth's Sun: Facts About the Sun's Age, Size and History


Exoplanets orbiting close to small stars may have magnetic fields that could protect life on the

How Does The Sun Produce Energy?

An image of the rotation of sunspots across the sun's surface. A series of images

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Ulysses' observations of solar wind speed as a function of helio latitude during solar minimum. Slow wind (≈400 km/s) is confined to the equatorial regions ...

Space mission first to observe key interaction between magnetic fields of Earth and Sun

The sun's magnetic field drives changes on its surface and beyond.

The image gives a basic overview of the sun's parts

A composite of 25 images of the Sun, showing solar outburst/activity over a

Laboratory evidence of dynamo amplification of magnetic fields in a turbulent plasma | Nature Communications

The chromosphere is above the photosphere. Solar energy passes through this region on its way out from the center of the Sun. Faculae and flares arise in ...

Moon thought to play major role in maintaining Earth's magnetic field – Astronomy Now

The motion of single particles in the Earth's magnetic field may be approximated by the superposition

'Magnetic' Discovery May Reveal Why Earth Supports Life and Mars Doesn't

Figure 22

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Figure 32: Parker Solar Probe's position, speed and round-trip light time as of Jan. 28, 2019 (image credit: NASA, JHU/APL, Track the spacecraft online)

The Layers of the Sun beneath the Visible Surface

Composite of numerous protoplanetary disc images taken by SPHERE

A dipole magnet creating a small diameter magnetic field is injected with plasma. As the magnetosphere impacts the atmosphere, charge exchange result in ...

The SDO's helioseismic and magnetic imager creates maps of magnetic fields on the Sun's surface.


The Sun

Solar Energy, Albedo, and the Polar Regions

Geomagnetic field - Sources of the steady magnetic field | Britannica.com

Figure 38: Magnetic north on the move. Driven largely by the churning of fluid in Earth's core, which generates the magnetic field, the magnetic north pole ...

Diagram showing the Earth with magnetic field lines running from the south pole around to the


Plasma magnets attached to the nodes in a 2D grid could be used to scale up the thrust. The spacecraft would be attached by shroud lines as in a solar ...

What Is Solar Wind?

It's wandered so much, that the current representation of the entire globe's magnetic field, ...


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www.frontiersin.org. Figure 2. The magnetic field ...

Data-driven magnetohydrodynamic modelling of a flux-emerging active region leading to solar eruption | Nature Communications

Diagram showing an electrical charge moving clockwise in the plane of the page. Velocity vectors

Image and lightcurves of the HXR and SXR emissions. a, HXR (above ~3 keV) emission observed by FOXSI-2 on 11 December 2014, 19:13:47–19:14:25 ut (cyan ...

Top image shows a quarter of the Sun at the lower left corner and circular lines

The Sun Today

A model of the sun's magnetic field lines.

Magnetism: From Neuroscience to Climate Change?

... illustration depicting 'Oumuamua's hyperbolic trajectory through the solar system, including its nearest approach to the Sun. (Courtesy: Jordan Collver)

an illustration of the Parker Solar Probe flying towards the sun

This is an artist's concept of the Earth's global magnetic field, with the bow shock. Earth is in the middle of the image, surrounded by its magnetic field, ...

Hubble Captures Vivid Auroras in Jupiter's Atmosphere.jpg

Graphic of the Sun with the words How Old Is The Sun?

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An image of a series of sunspots, dark blobs on the surface of the Sun

The science questions that the Parker Solar Probe will answer are only capable of being answered from its extremely close, future location to the Sun: ...

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The Sun has a core at its center; a radiative zone surrounding the core; a convective zone surrounding the radiative zone; a thin photosphere at its surface ...

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2 Creation and Annihilation of Magnetic Fields | Plasma Physics of the Local Cosmos | The National Academies Press

The speed and direction of comets as they approach the Sun give scientists insights into the shape and strength of the Sun's magnetic fields.

Figure 33: Simulation of the magnetic field in Earth's core. Earth's core as modelled in the numerical geodynamo simulation as part of research into ...

Graphic of the Sun with the words stating 5500 degrees Celsius · »

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The Sun is currently at the peak of Cycle 24, the weakest solar cycle in

Plasma magnetic sail based on rotating magnetic field generated plasma currents. Two polyphase magnetic coils (stator) are used to drive steady ring ...

The field-aligned current system includes two shells of magnetic field lines connecting the magnetosphere

BepiColombo cartoons


Professor Valentina Zharkova: The Solar Magnet Field and the Terrestrial Climate

Figure 4.

Sun's magnetic field: A Solar Cycle

Astronomers See the Light

Magnetic Fields in Spiral Galaxies – Explained at Last?

The plan for an artificial Martian magnetosphere may sound “fanciful,” but researchers say that emerging research is starting to show that a miniature ...

Neutrophil-inspired propulsion in a combined acoustic and magnetic field | Nature Communications

Twisted tumbler: We know that 'Oumuamua must be a highly elongated object because it varied dramatically in brightness over every 7-to-8-hour period.

NASA Atmospheric Science Data Center. Used with permission.

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Figure 10.

Planet Spin Directions

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The Sun, our source of light and warmth, is a notoriously poor photographic target, due to its extreme brightness and constant emissions of damaging ...