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These gravitydefying sculptures will blow your mind 30 photos

These gravitydefying sculptures will blow your mind 30 photos


Lorenzo Quinn

these gravity defying sculptures will blow your mind 25 These gravity defying sculptures will blow your mind (30 photos)

24 Gravity-Defying Sculptures That Will Make You Look Twice

4. Trans Ī Re By Fredrik Raddum

Sculptures that defy gravity & the laws of physics - 4

This elephant sculpture is in France.

2. Wire Fairies By Robin Wight

29 Statues that Seem Impossible

30 Mind-Blowing Sculptures That Break Every Laws of Gravity. Sculpture #17 Is Real Brainbasher!

24 Gravity-Defying Sculptures That Will Make You Look Twice - Album on Imgur

29 Statues that Seem Impossible

This is definitely one of the most fantastic and unique sculpture. This sculpture is an extremely beautiful piece of art and it is worth the admiration.

Balancing Sculptures By Jerzy Kędziora

29 Statues that Seem Impossible

It is considered by many as the most creative and the most beautiful sculpture in our time. It is made by Fredrik Raddum.

15 Unbelievably Stunning Sculptures That Are Redefining Man-Made Art. Your mind will be blown.

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Drawing inspiration from the Celtic mythology, this 30-meter high sculpture of two mammoth horse heads was created by the Andy Scott.

Brilliantly Creative Fountains That Will Blow Your Mind

It snowed in Tokyo and people made the most Tokyo snowmen ever (30 photos)

California-based sculptor Woods Davy uses natural elements for his gravity defying works

24 Gravity-Defying Sculptures That Will Make You Look Twice | Sculptures | Sculpture, Sculpture art, Book sculpture

Bernoulli Principle Floating Ball Game - Wooden Toy Blow Pipe Gravity Defying Blowing Balls Educational Toys

Gerry Judah is a British artist who has created a number of large scale gravity-

22. Suspended By Menashe Kadishman

Cornelia Parker

You can walk inside this sculpture, established in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is composed of 12-meter-long wireframes, which form a human head.

Gravity-Defying Sculptures by Cornelia Konrads

What makes it a wonder-sculpture is the fact that the above floating stone defies all norms of gravity. This sculpture is carved by Smaban Abbas.

Daniel Firman made it a goal to prove that an elephant can balance his trunk with ease, even at 18000 kilometres above sea level.

Theo Jansen's Strandbeest wind sculptures

Is this the real life? Is this just gravity? (34 Photos)

This may not be the most exciting portion of the competition, but I think it's pretty cool to see where the whole competition begins.

This Traffic Jam Was Stuck in Belgian Forest for 70 Years

London Cross

These unusual public sculptures, crafted by Polish artist Jerzy Kędziora and installed in Palm Beach

at Queen Victoria Night Markets

20 PHOTOGRAPHS that will BLOW your mind

29 Statues that Seem Impossible

“Blown glass on two acrylic bases” Created 1957

Children's Festival 2019

Houstonians can blast off to the moon in this stellar new experience - CultureMap Houston

24 Gravity-Defying Sculptures That Will Make You Look Twice

Barcelona-born artist Victor Enrich's images distort and upend the familiar; this one depicts the NH München Deutscher Kaiser Hotel in Munich

To Diagram Without Stilling: On Maud Cotter's Sculpture, by Ed Krčma, 2016 145 gsm Modigliani perla paper, 18/3 black linen thread / kozuka gothica pro, ...

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Therefore, in this post, we will display a list of wonderful sculptures from around the world that will definitely blow your minds.

The Jerzy Kedziora made sculpture is an open defiance against gravity and is one among many. The one in Dubai is composed completely of bronze and is ...

Series of 7 sculptures; papier-maché packaging of manufactured goods

Whether you decide to make New Year's resolutions or actually stick to them, the mere concept proves our innate optimism...” Read more >

Despite appearances, Todd Robinson's award-winning sculptures are blowing up

Car Sculptures By Gerry Judah

Stuff to Blow Your Mind: Science on the Web: Ferrofluid Sculptures | Stuff to Blow Your Mind

WaxheadOnAcry. “

Live exhibitor Clare Brooksbank will be working live at Homo Faber from 22nd to 24th September, demonstrating her fore-edge painting. This art form, which ...

Raymon Elozua, "R&D VI RE-12-alter-1" 2014,

Gordon Matta-Clark Window Blowout 1976

... out since last 30 November on Golden Brown Records. It's two guys – Brian Olson and Charles Glade, both of whom, evidently, like to drive. This ...

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58 Gravity Defying Things That Made People Look Twice

Mystic Crystal Ball Act

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Following in the footsteps of Darwin, this was a flawed, but timely attempt to apply the startling new theories of biological evolution to other parts of ...

Handel with Care


Wave – celadon egg Freehand blown and cut glass. Stand from glass. This egg-shaped blown glass sculpture stands on glass. Geir Nustad's exploration of ...

Black's large-scale installation featured smaller details all around the room, with elements plastered

Gucci Garden by Florence's Palazzo della Signoria. Courtesy of Gucci.

Present Co. ends the season with On Human Limits, an exhibition featuring the work of Sarah Bednarek, James Bouché, Deric Carner and Peter Rostovsky.

Bun will tell you stories of mythical Sadhus (holy men) dressed in all white who live in the trees, harnessing magic, speaking to animals, and performing ...

Ancient wood sculpture from Togo; tin

The dinosaur family tree many have to be redrawn (Owen Humphreys/PA)

20 PHOTOGRAPHS that will BLOW your mind

Neil Dawson must be one anti-gravity fanatic to have sculpted so many of these across Ozzie-land. However, this gravity-defying sculpture - his most famous ...

Notes: This porcelain flask is made to look like a rusty oil can. Each piece gets its own individual touch and therefore no ...

Valentines: Romeo and Juliet sculpted by Milton Hebald. Photograph: Godong/UIG via


Leandro Erlich is an Argentine conceptual artist who likes to play with space with many of

ANCHOR (Totemic Series), edition 5 | 30939

... I was already a mother to three boys of my own. In my world—a world shaped and colored by a generation of psychoanalysts (like John Bowlby, Heinz Kohut, ...

Whether you decide to make New Year's resolutions or actually stick to them, the mere concept proves our innate optimism...” Read more >

Artist Brings Dull Everyday Objects To Life By Giving Them A Playful Makeover (51 Pics

Raymon Elozua, "H: IMF-08" 2016, terra cotta, whiteware

This tutorial is an updated version because I felt like I could improve upon the original design but you can watch the original lumberjack cake tutorial for ...

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These 'Fabergé Fractals' Will Blow Your Mind

Révolution III – 2016 Porcelaine, glaçure, hache Porcelain, glaze, axe 77 x 30 x 43 cm. Photo: Daniel Roussel

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