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This Day in History VE Day brings WWIIs European front to a close

This Day in History VE Day brings WWIIs European front to a close


For starters, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union could not agree on simple logistics. An unconditional surrender had been signed at Reims on May 7, ...

Happy crowds of soldiers, sailors, airmen and civilians in front of the American Red

British girls, of the Picture Division of the London Office of War Information dance in

Generaloberst Alfred Jodl (1890 - 1946): Jodl signs the instrument of surrender at

Winston Churchill waving to crowds in Whitehall, London on the day he confirms that the war with Germany was over

V-E Day

Newspaper Front Pages, Old Newspaper, Newspaper Headlines, Victory

After VE Day: The war without an end

On This Day - 8th May 1945 Victory in Europe Day, generally known as V-E Day

What role did YOUR ancestor play in World War Two - SEARCH NOW

HM King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret joined by the

This Day in History: V-E Day brings WWII's European front to a close | This Day in History | Wwii, Victory in europe day, History

Winston Churchill and The Mall in 2005

General Gustav Jodl, Hitler's military adviser, signs the document for the surrender of Germany's armed forces at General Dwight Eisenhower's headquarters ...

VE-Day in Toronto

Revellers give the V-Victory sign as they celebrate VE Day outside the Houses of

V-E Day Celebrations

New Yorkers Celebrate V-E Day

Pfc. Clarence K. Ayers, of Evansville, Ind., seated right,

A truck of revellers passing through the Strand, London, 8 May 1945. VE Day

The Daily Telegraph's VE Day front page

Victory over Japan Day. Surrender of Japan - USS Missouri.jpg

Eager soldiers pulling copies of "Stars and Stripes" from the press of the London

It was the end of April, 1945. And, very soon it would be

V-E Day Was Last Week. Here's Why Some Countries Celebrate Today Instead

The Soviet Union and the Eastern Front

Women and children at a VE-Day street party in Stanhope Street, London NW1

Joint press conference

German tanks pass a burning Russian village during Operation Barbarossa, the <

VE Day in colour: Stunning images transformed from black and white celebrating the 73rd VE

... Crowd Celebrating Victory Day In Times Square

V-J Day

4 May 1945: Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery signs the surrender of German armies in

Harry Miller, who served during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, will speak at a VE Day ceremony at the National World War II Memorial in ...

Key American military officials in Europe.

Probably the only time you'll ever see a French Canadian with the Union Jack

Black History Month

Service men and civilians crowd about a brewery in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on

A van load of beer passing through Piccadilly Circus on VE Day

Colonel Johannes Blaskowitz signs formal surrender papers.

The Eastern Front

Demobilization of United States armed forces after World War II

Führer in the making: Adolf Hitler in 1923

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill addresses the celebrating crowds from the balcony of the Ministry of

WWII tank gunner, now 95, pays tribute to the highest-ranking American killed in the European theater

Why WWII Soldiers Mutinied After V-J Day

Blog: Marshall And The 70th Anniversary Of V-E Day

A LCVP (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) from the U.S. Coast Guard-

British Tank in WW2

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Take A Closer Look: America Goes to War | The National WWII Museum | New Orleans

VE-Day 1945

This pair of US Military recruiting posters demonstrates the way that two branches of the military

Two British sailors and their girlfriends wading in the fountains in Trafalgar Square on VE Day

May 8, 1945: Winston Churchill waving to crowds in Whitehall on V.E Day

Political Reconstruction in Europe After WWII: History & Impact

world war 2 facts

A Mexican family leaving to cross the border during World War II to help wartime labor

More People

In the largest episode of forced migration in history, millions of German-speaking civilians were sent to Germany from Czechoslovakia (above) and other ...

The Impact of the First World War and Its Implications for Europe Today

German Troops in Poland

Landing ships putting cargo ashore on one of the invasion beaches, at low tide during

Some of the Night Wolves at a WWII memorial to Soviet soldiers in Slovakia. Jakub Gavlak/EPA

World War II in Europe

Monday, May 7, 1945 edition of The Evening Telegram (a Toronto newspaper). Neither Victory in Europe Day ...

1945 Hailsham Road street party, Tooting, London

The Impact of the First World War and Its Implications for Europe Today

Walter Isaacson (middle) and Gemma Birnbaum join David Folkenflik at The National WWII Museum. (Tracie Morris Schaefer for WWNO)

Normandy Invasion: Overview. Historical map. Includes locator.

... VE Day Germany surrender WW2

American troops landing at Normandy, June 6, 1944.

D-Day for God?

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President Franklin Roosevelt signing a declaration of war against Japan on December 8th, 1941.

Germany to Open Last WWII War Cemetery in Russia

Wounded U.S. soldiers of the 3rd Battery, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st US Infantry Division

Peace at last: V-J Day, Times Square, August 14, 1945.

May 8 - Congratulations — it's VE Day again (for you youngsters, the VE

Many say the war ended on May 8. Russia disagrees

Animated Map Shows How World War I Changed Europe's Borders

D-Day: Facts on the Epic 1944 Invasion That Changed the Course of WWII

Two small girls waving their flags in the rubble of Battersea, snapped by an anonymous

Crowds_of_French_patriots_line_the_Champs_Elysees-26 août 1944

An interview in which a Soviet commander admitted how close Moscow came to defeat by Germany during the Second World War has been broadcast in Russia for ...