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This betta fish appears so good Betta Fish Betta Fish Betta Fish

This betta fish appears so good Betta Fish Betta Fish Betta Fish


betta fish for beginners

Betta fish sleeping at bottom of aquarium on gravel

Red Veiltail mail Betta Source. The betta fish is known for its incredible beauty ...

... Fish Live (In Captivity)?. Betta in an Aquarium


How to Take Care of Betta Fish

Compatible Tank Mates for Betta Fish

Betta fish often mistreated in pet industry, evidence suggests

Betta Fish Care Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Betta Fish

Successful Betta fish care requires knowing the facts about their behaviors and tank setup.

Also known as the Siamese Fighting Fish, betta fish are known for their long, flowing tails and bright color. These fish are also known for being incredibly ...

What Fish Can Live With Bettas?

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How long do betta fish live

Red and blue betta fish swimming to the surface of its fish tank to take in

Best Betta Fish Food

5 Best Betta Fish Tanks Your Betta Fish Will Love to Call Home

Why Do Betta Fish Jump? (And How to Stop Them From Jumping)

Blue Betta swimming The Betta is a popular aquarium fish ...

... they do best in small aquariums (at least two gallons) with regular water changes. The preferred water temperature for a betta is 76-82 degrees F.

betta fish care. Taking care of your betta requires a little education and responsibility for both kids and adults. The beautiful betta is pretty resilient ...

Bettas are among the most beautiful of freshwater aquarium fish, but unfortunately their lives are

Many people mistakenly believe that betta fish must be kept in “solitary confinement.” Female bettas can live together, and while male bettas will fight ...

Siamese fighting fish

close-up picture of the face of a betta fish

Betta fish are known for being tough, but that doesn't mean that you should neglect them. Caring for a betta if fairly easy, and if you do it properly, ...

Best Betta Fish Tank Mates

Why is my Betta Fish Staying at the Bottom of the Tank? Are they sick? (Advice for Lethargic Bettas)

... bettas is that they can survive without being fed in a so-called “complete ecosystem” that consists of nothing more than a vase and a plant. As a result ...

What Fish Can Live with Betta Fish? The ...

Best Betta Tank Mates: Companion Animals for Betta Fish

In Thai, they are called pla-kad (fighting fish) and are regularly sold all over the U.S and simply known as “bettas“.

Betta Fish Care Guide

Betta fish or 'Siamese fighting fish' are a very unique species that require special care and diet. They are one of the most popular aquarium fish due to ...

10 Best Betta Fish Tanks: The Ultimate List (2018)

Basic Betta Fish Care 101- What You Really Need To Know

Guppy Fish and Betta Fish – Can You Keep Them in Same Aquarium?

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5 Best Betta Fish Mates for a Safe and Happy Community Aquarium

Betta Fish Tank Mates. Betta Tank Mates and Companions

healthy male betta

Yet another gorgeous better betta fish! Such a lovely blend of pastels! I want him!

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HOW TO: Care for Betta Fish

... that people regularly ask about Betta Fish. betta faq

How often should I feed my Betta fish

Betta Fish

Betta Fish Care Instructions

betta | Betta fish on black background. | da nokkaew | Flickr

Betta Fish Names (By Personality and Color)

Facts About Betta Fish

betta fish photography with canon eos 60d

Is keeping Betta Fish Good for your health?

Betta Fish - Bay Bridge Aquarium and Pet

Amazon.com : Betta Splendens Siamese Male Fighting Fish - Assorted Colors | Live Tropical Aquarium Fish : Pet Supplies

Betta or Siamese fighting fish is considered as one of the most colourful and vibrant freshwater fish. Any hobbyists would like to keep this enchanting, ...


It is only when staring directly at the bug-eyed expressions of his subjects that one understands they are staring at a fish ...

Many fish owners do not realize that their betta fish can be played with just like with any other pet. Although your fish may not fetch like a dog, ...

Close up of bright red betta fish

Betta Fish Care

betta fish not eating. So ...

Betta Fish Facts

Betta Tank Mates Reading Time: 10 minutes. Betta Splendens, commonly known as “Betta,” is a favourite fish in the ...

9 Expert Tips: The Ideal Betta Fish Tank Temperature

Why Is My Betta Flaring His Gills? If there is no other fish in the ...

Betta Fish – The Care, Feeding and Breeding of Bettas (Siamese Fighting Fish )

Close up of blue half moon betta fish nosing in black gravel substrate

The Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish) is among the most popular fishes the due to the wide variety stunning colours and tail types to choose from, as well as, ...

Today I'll be showing you how to draw a betta fish. Betta fish are beautiful fish—also called Siamese fighting fish—that are known for their long, ...

Best Betta Fish Tanks 2019: Create The Perfect Habitat For A Happy & Healthy Betta

Common Betta Fish Diseases

Ah, the betta fish; the fish that everyone seems to have but no one seems to be able to take care of properly. Known as “hardy” and “easy to take care of,” ...

Royal Blue Half-Moon Betta

Blue Betta Fish. mark as favourite

betta fish mirror trick

best betta fish tank mates

most beautiful betta fish in the world feat

Male betta fish sleeping at the surface of his aquarium next to a plant

Best Plants for Betta Fish & Live vs Fake Aquarium Plants

A 5 gallon betta tank. Photo by Betta Fish Awareness Day

HelpIs something wrong with my Betta fish Timmy? He seems very ...