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Those little purple dots are actual pieces of space debris tracked

Those little purple dots are actual pieces of space debris tracked


Hundreds of thousands of satellites and pieces of space debris circle the planet in low orbit

LEO 1280 x 1280 ...

Space debris

Artist's impression of space debris, based on density data European Space Agency

The latest lost satellite is now space junk that could put other spacecraft at risk

Earth from space, with space debris enhanced

How to track the spiraling Chinese space station as it falls from orbit


Robots, harpoons and nets: how we'll clear our orbital rubbish

antenna dish of the Hubble Space Telescope

There are currently millions of pieces of trash orbiting Earth, everything from defunct satellites all the way down to tiny flecks of paint.

First debris pieces from the Indian ASAT test of 27 March catalogued

When the Chinese government destroyed one of their own satellites in 2009, the impact created

'We've left junk everywhere': why space pollution could be humanity's next big problem

Click to enlarge. Reconstruction made with STK.

The "energy flash" of a hypervelocity impact during a simulation of what happens when a piece of orbital debris hits a spacecraft in orbit.

Hiding in Plain Sight

By 29 April 2019, (the first day of the Planetary Defence Conference), the probability of impact has risen to 1 in ...

Today, I published a large article in The Diplomat:

The space debris and asteroids hurtling towards Earth

THREE UFOs filmed 'MONITORING International Space Station' in Nasa live feed

Robots, harpoons and nets: how we'll clear our orbital rubbish | E&T Magazine

3 m Liquid Mirror Telescope

Space debris image trail

Kessler syndrome

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Astronomers take a closer look at 'megastructures' orbiting star near the Milky Way

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Space station with Earth as the background

Large bodies in LEO

Orbital Reflector has joined the Dark Side

Nanosatellite & CubeSat Database | Missions, constellations, companies, technologies and more

The Milky Way is estimated to be growing at 500 metres per second

'We've left junk everywhere': why space pollution could be humanity's next big problem | Science | The Guardian

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Observing Earth from the Moon

Figure 19: The image on the left shows the extent of electric lighting across Beira on March 9, 2019, a typical night before the storm hit; the image on the ...

Gravity: Ripped from the Headlines?

Bullet-like hole in metallic material

The Hubble Space Telescope. The NRO's "Key Hole" reconnaissance sats are believed to be a similar size and shape.

Orbital Debris Miscellaneous

Numbers: the SpaceX Starlink constellation in perspective with what is currently orbiting earth


Musk reveals Space X's first 60 internet satellites ready for launch

A sequence of images taken as part of the Ground Based Optical Tracking campaign of ESA's Gaia satellite with the European Southern Observatory's (ESO) 2.6 ...

How 16 Companies are Dominating the World's Google Search Results

GEO debris trails

Of course at this point Mars and the Moon will still be very low on the horizon so the observer should check the horizon mask to avoid obstructions and ...

The tunnel used for the impact test was lined with foam slabs to catch pieces of

Orbital decay 1973-2019

Grey spacecraft wing at aircraft altitude

Advance Electro-Optical System

85 Space Junk: ...


Enabling Technologies for Active Space Debris Removal: The Cadet Project | SpringerLink

Real Time Satellite Tracking

Put yourself out there

Figure 36: The GEOS FP model for aerosols of the Asia region on 23 August 2018 (image credit: NASA Earth Observatory, image by Joshua Stevens, ...


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Large, cylindrical spacecraft against Earth background, photographed from the Challenger space shuttle

ISS handrail debris damage

Shrinking Moon could be causing tectonic activity on lunar surface

The Starlink "train" on 28 May 2019. Click to enlarge

Orbital Debris Reentry

Quasars reside in the cores of galaxies.

People who fled fighting in South Sudan are seen walking at sunset on arrival at Bidi

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Difficult ...

Space Fence facility at the Kwajalein atoll.

EARTH: The Desert Creep

076 - On Dragon Capsules, Space Trash, and VR Experiences

The Hubble Space Telescope is the oldest space telescope in operation, having spent the past twenty-eight years in orbit. Nevertheless, this mission is ...

Osteoarthritis, a disease that causes severe joint pain, affects more than 20 million people in the United States. Some drug treatments can help alleviate ...

Star Walk - Explore the Sky on the App Store

Figure 30: The peculiar curved shape of this cloud over Mali is the product of a phenomenon associated with thunderstorms. The image was acquired by the " ...

repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope

Ten Years Of Tracking My Location

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UNDER ATTACK? UFO 'filmed firing laser at ISS in NASA footage

cleanspace one

... emails are being monitored, how many known data breaches may have exposed your information, and if any passwords have been leaked across those breaches

Subject to Orbital Debris Impact

"We have the resolve, ...