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Tomatoes require uniform soil moisture neither too damp nor too

Tomatoes require uniform soil moisture neither too damp nor too


The tomato is almost everyone's favorite vegetable. Two or three well-managed plants for each member of the family will usually provide plenty of fresh, ...

Adult moths and flies deposit eggs on English garden pea leaves that hatch into larvae -

Growing tomatoes in the most popular gardening pursuit. Michael Vosburg / Forum News Service

Sugar Pearl Cherry Tomato

Using ...

Don't worry if your tomatoes 'crack' or 'split'; this is not the sign of disease or pests. Oftentimes bouts of heavy rain after a long dry period can cause ...

Avoid these 7 tomato growing problems! Sun scald, blossom end rot, phosphorous deficiency

How to grow tomatoes in your garden: Tips for planting, watering and more

Tomato, Red Summer Hybrid, , large

Tomato, Damsel Hybrid, , large ...

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From disease to end-rot, each stage of tomato growth is rife with potential obstacles. That's why we have compiled all of our tomato wisdom into the ...

Blossom end rot: how to identify, treat, and prevent it

Whether you realize it or not, we are once again on the verge of another tomato season. It's time to assess the options laid before us in seed catalogs, ...

tomatoes on the vine

So you just had your first juicy tomato from your neighbor's garden and you're hooked. You want to learn how to grow tomatoes from seed and you want to ...


Growing Tomatoes

Learn how to grow tomatoes in pots, including what kind of soil to use and what varieties work best.

Sugar Pearl Cherry Tomato

Terrific Tomatoes grown Hydroponically or in Soil


Tomato plants fail to produce fruit when pollination does not occur

Currant Tomatoes


Everything You Need to Know About Growing Tomatoes

It's easy to grow your own tomatoes from ...

The Farmer Fred® Rant

BLOSSOM-END ROT IN TOMATOES: How to Identify, Control & Prevent

baking pan filled with heirloom tomato varieties

~Blossom End Rot ~Applying calcium to tomato plants~ Tomato Plants, Tomato Garden

Growing Tomatoes Might Get Your Home Raided by the Police

How to find tomato seeds and plants that will survive Texas weather

If You Love Tomatoes, You'll Love Learning How To Make Them Bigger, Healthier and Tastier

homegrown tomatoes in bowl

How to find tomato seeds and plants that will survive Texas weather

Moskovich tomatoes ripening. These never cracked. Notice the moist soil. I never watered

Tomato farming in Zimbabwe

Blossom end rot

Grow the Best Tomatoes (NEW)

Growing tomatoes from seed is an great way to enjoy the many heirloom and hybrid varieties

lots of cherry tomatoes

Tomato, Bloody Butcher, , large

The ideal vegetables for containers are those that take little space—such as carrots, radishes, lettuce, and parsley—or those that yield produce over a long ...

The backyard tomato crop. Take a close look at those ripening red orbs that you planted during a drizzly April and early May.

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Top tomato tips by expert tomato grower Terry Marshall


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Mutt cherry tomato that was a volunteer in my front garden, a cross between Black

Radial cracking on tomato

Everyone loves mouthwatering homegrown tomatoes, but too often gardeners are disappointed when their crop develops problems. Here's a quick rundown of ...

drawing of container with plant: label container with variety and planting date; drain holes



Catfacing on tomato blossom end.

According to the UC Davis, Vegetable Research and Information Center , the reason for the yellow or yellow-orange color, rather than the normal red, ...

Gardening Complete: How to Best Grow Vegetables, Flowers, and Other Outdoor Plants: Editors of Cool Springs Press: 9780760357651: Amazon.com: Books


Since any point in your field can contain different soil types at different depths, it can be useful to use core samples to determine soil type vs. depth ...

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Brandywine Tomato Seeds

Optical sorters for tomato harvesting

Although tomatoes generally rank low in comparative nutritional value, they outrank all other vegetables in total contribution to human nutrition because so ...

homegrown tomato lineup

This creates more flowering sites, more tomatoes, and larger tomatoes.

Tomato, Orange Slice Hybrid, , large ...

'Roma' tomatoes '

News that tomato farmers in Laikipia County are feeding tomatoes to cows is disturbing. The saddest bit is that this cycle is not new.

truss tomatoes

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The intent of this chapter is to highlight the basic irrigation water management factors and tools

Tomatoes on Toast


photo of tomato plant rows in field

Cherokee Purple

Another great way to learn how to grow tomatoes from seed is with the Cherokee Purple. It is a beefsteak with a reddish, purple flesh and has a sweet-rich ...

Choose a variety of tomatoes that are quick to mature from seed (55 days or less). Among these recommended varieties are heirloom beefsteak Moskvich ...

a ripe tomato ready for harvest in Meadowood's Edible Learning Garden.

Learn how to grow peppers in a pot for maximum results, including how to water ...

How do I deal with pests that hurt tomatoes in my garden? | The Sacramento Bee

Q. I have leftover seeds from last year. How long do seeds last, or remain viable? Q. How do I do a germination test of leftover seeds?

Prevent blossom-end rot by maintaining a soil pH around 6.5 and uniform soil moisture by irrigating and mulching, and avoid heavy applications of nitrogen.

To fully understand how or if you should prune your tomatoes, you need to understand the three types of tomatoes.

Grape Tomato Plant- Two (2) Live Plants - Not Seeds - each 5

Cure and Prevent Blossom End Rot ~ tomatoes

When tomatoes get black bottoms, they're thirsty

How do I deal with pests that hurt tomatoes in my garden? | The Sacramento Bee

Slicer-type tomatoes and their characteristics