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UKC Articles Ten Tips For Bouldering Indoors Rock climbing

UKC Articles Ten Tips For Bouldering Indoors Rock climbing



UKC Articles - Ten Tips For Bouldering Indoors



Crack connoisseur, training guru and director of Lattice Training, Tom Randall, shares some training tips in this training series, complete with live Q&A ...


UKC Articles - FEATURE: Social Climbers - The Evolving Indoor Climbing Industry







Roxy Perry at bouldering nationals, NSW representing Tasmania!! :)

New blocs down at @tchlondon • • 💛 • • #climb #climbing #indior #indoor #boulder #bouldering #yellow… – hanoverian-sparks

Top 5 tips if your new to bouldering and climbing · Articles ...


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Ten Tips for Bouldering Outdoors


What has been your proudest climbing moment?

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Clipping positions when leading and placing gear on a trad route is often neglected or over-looked by many a climber. On a sport route or indoors, ...


... practical advice for everyone interested in bouldering whether a complete beginner looking to learn the basics, an indoor climber keen to start ...

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"Rocking on" is an important skill for a beginner climber to master. Outside of steep terrain, it is one of the core techniques for ascending face/slab ...

Father helps his son manage his first climb at the Mini Works in Sheffield

Climbers are not good at warming up -- including you. This article will change

Bouldering in a climbing wall cIainMcKenzie

bouldering tips

Recommend a Route #1 – James Marshall

Neil Gresham: The Hangboard Guru at Work, 57 kb

Angela Eiter und Max Rudigier sind die neuen österreichischen Staatsmeister

As it stands, only Alex Waterhouse (first ascent) and Mikey Cleverdon have climbed the line of 'AWOL Apprentice Right Hand' (as was climbed on the FA), ...

Indoor bouldering. Bouldering

The best sites for bouldering news, beginner-friendly advice, and longform adventure journalism

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Following on nicely from the first tip, “wrapping” or “guppying” holds is an excellent way to cheat climb efficiently. It involves literally wrapping your ...

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Karin Magog climbing on an indoor board

My youngest son climbing at the Mini Works bouldering wall in Sheffield

Benefits of rock climbing

There are plenty of ways to describe what it means to be psyched: being driven… passionate… dedicated… having an inner fire… wanting it… or just RARRRRR!

15 Clever Rock Climbing Hacks, Tips, Tricks, and Proper Etiquette

County Climber

Very few climbers other than competition climbers or serial redpointers bother to properly look at a route beforehand and work out a good sequence, rests, ...

Rock Climbing Injury Tips: Shoulder Taping

Sport Climbing at Tirpentwys

Ten Tips for Bouldering Outdoors

Bouldering (climbing without a harness)

Rock Climbing Instructor Candidate Handbook


Phillips and Le Neve take 2019 CWIF titles

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Hajj itself however was a different story. On first acquaintance with the crux, I was barely able to pull on the holds let alone do the moves.

Page 1. County Climber

View Larger Image Bristol Climbing Centre

A place we lived and breathed for a month of our lives and called home.

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Confessions of a Climbing Sexist

While getting pumped is all part of the game when pushing hard and is directly related to your level of fitness, there are tips and tricks for improving ...

Typically, as was the case again his year, the semi's at the CWIF are little short of brutal.



climbing ledge or edge hold

Without the very wet conditions, Alex got to work on some new lines and link-ups. What happened next managed to completely blow the crowd away…

Rock Climbing Development Instructor Candidate Ha

It was the classic format of 30 problems to climb in 3 hours. There were a lot of familiar faces, it was good to see some of the staff fom the neighbouring ...

Portland Rock Gym

So here are some photos of me reacquainting myself with the joys of climbing on sandstone last weekend at Fontainebleu in France:

Route setter in Bristol setting the the bouldering climbing junior championships 2015

... before signing off, below you will find a link to my very first published article which went live on UKC a few days ago. It covers a topic that climbers ...

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Alma Bestvater flashing W4 for the 2018 CWIF title

Caligula stand 7C

You can follow our progress via Twitter @redszell – meanwhile, here are some photos from our recent training climb in Sardinia:

Repeated forceful internal rotation of the arm (the right arm on this move) is a big part of climbing. So it is no surprise that the internal rotators of ...

Chris Sharma climbing in Yangshuo (CHI)

Michele ...

Photo Credit: Lauren Watson