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WSJ Graphic The US Natural Gas Advantage oil gas jobs Diagram

WSJ Graphic The US Natural Gas Advantage oil gas jobs Diagram


WSJ Graphic: The US Natural Gas Advantage

The ECB's balance-sheet assets have fallen sharply http://on.wsj

Companies, which disclose few details about their outside workers, are rapidly increasing the numbers and types of jobs seen as ripe for contracting.

A federal appeals court agreed with customers in 2016 and told FERC to examine the policy.

The field produces 8% of the nation's natural gas, making it the second largest after the giant Marcellus Shale in the Northeast.

State-run Aramco is besting rivals with new methods for pumping and processing oil.

Job growth in the oil & gas industry

The company has proceeded because the EU allowed partnerships in place at the time of sanctions to continue, Eni has said.

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To drive down costs, big oil companies are abandoning such developments in favor of standardization and bolt-on models that take advantage of existing ...

Has China reached Peak Oil?

Oil and gas production in Permian Basin

As U.S. oil production and exports have soared, energy investment has become a driver of economic growth and factory shipments.

[15] There is also a new ecosystem of Silicon Valley–like startups developing software and digital tools for the gas and oil industries.

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Number of patents approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

... in today's WSJ about how market prices and technology, more than government policy, are driving the U.S. boom in oil and natural gas production.

U.S. Oil Falls Below $27 a Barrel http://on.wsj.com

The curve shown in green is a fit to gas prices using a simple third-order polynomial. You may notice that it doesn't have any spikes, something utility ...

For the last two decades, the ratio of oil to natural gas prices has averaged around 10. Today it is over 50.

U.S. stocks slip, along with oil prices http://on.wsj. Information GraphicsLine ChartCharts And ...

Louisiana gas production rebounds to 2012 figures as drillers return to Haynesville; here's why

Gross shale oil and gas production (thousand BOE/day), Shale wells completed

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The warmest winter since 2000 plus abundant shale gas has forced US natural gas wellhead prices below $2 per thousand cubic feet (Mcf), their lowest level ...

David Rosenthal, ExxonMobil Vice President of Investor Relations recently said, “It's not a strategic shift” (Houston Chronicle, February 2, 2010).

percentage of respondents digital technology spend devoted to different types of investment. “

With oil and gas (O&G) consumption continuing to increase and domestic production declining, Argentina became a net importer in 2010

One can debate the extent to which Europe is politically swayed by reliance on Russian gas, but the underlying facts are not debatable.

Stafford says that the feedback he has received has been exceptional. With no marketing effort the oil price page is already receiving 40,000 visits daily.

Peak Oil Review 19 November 2018

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Figure 4

American employers added a disappointing 74,000 jobs in December, a tally at odds with recent signs that the economy is gaining traction and moving beyond ...

If utilities don't maintain a lot of diversity in fuel options and gas prices spike, CEO's find themselves in front of a hostile Public Utility Commission ...

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In ...

It's interesting ...

Figure 7

... and technologies at the French industrial gas maker Air Liquide SA and initiative secretary of the Hydrogen Council, a trade group promoting the work.

in your opinion how aligned is your vision for the companys digital technology investment with the

Reserves of fossil fuels are not running down. Here are figures showing the years remaining of reserves of oil, natural gas, and coal.

This data is through February, 2018. Just out of curiosity I thought I would show the US's part in keeping peak oil at bay. Significant I would say.

Natural Gas Consumption Is Up In 2018

Here are the latest oil production numbers from the EIA. All data is in thousand barrels per day unless otherwise noted.

ipcc projections

https://www.sl-advisors.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/logo1.jpg ...

From bytes to barrels The digital transformation in upstream oil and gas

Will Greater Distillate Demand Favor Heating Oil Prices?

Texas Flood: The State Is Once Again The Key Producer In The Global Oil Market - Robert Bryce - Author | Journalist | Public Speaker

The light green line is the crude oil price back to 1861 in 2017 dollars. Source of the price graph: The 2017 BP statistical review, page 20.

In light of physics (discussed below), it is far more likely that wind and solar power will fail to meet forecast expectations than to exceed them.

The oil industry revolution will not be televised

Shale gas in the United States

... a slow reaction to the changed business environment, and we expect to see more occurring into the second half of the year.” -Jim Hertlein, Boyden Board ...

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In short, if your environmental goals involve a reduction in the use of fossil fuels over time, this goal is unlikely to happen because the world starts ...

Oil and gas CEOs also see the value in digital technologies, especially with respect to data analysis and operational efficiency. CEOs are likely to invest ...

USA and World Oil Production

Forecasting Winter Gas Storage Volumes

John Lee Is A Big Bear On Oil, And Bull On Vanadium

Knowing the exact blend is essential for the refinery process which has to account for the exact chemical and viscosity of the oil being processed.

The shocking fall of General Electric – The Wall Street Journal

... also the slice with the greatest upside. When Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he reportedly said: “Because that's where the money is.” And ...


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Recoverable shale gas resources, Recoverable tight oil resources

Total U.S. electricity consumption grew only 0.3% in 2011, and the EIA expects 2012 electricity consumption to decrease by 0.6% compared to 2011.

a screenshot of a cell phone: Coal was the most heavily subsidized fossil fuel in

Drop in demand from East: the growth projections of China have come down from last year while the demand from Japan, Taiwan and India has tapered.

Solar arrays and wind turbines are so efficient now that they are approaching the point where there is no more energy in the wind or arriving from the sun ...

Figure 3: FAR Figure A.6, radiative forcing under different emissions scenarios

Furthermore ...

As the graph from BP's official site showed below, the natural gas price has kept falling over recent years in North America. The price in US is far lower ...

Figure 6

... in today's money by the end of that period. So while your futuristic ride will run on lower cost electricity versus presumably expensive gasoline, ...

Natural Gas Rigs Drive the Turnaround in US Rigs

Learn more in “Oil and Gas MLPs: Time to Take a Fresh Look?”

Figure 1 Total U.S. natural gas production, consumption, and net.

Chart showing the production costs for large oil producing nations.

The scrapping of other ship types, such tankers, car carriers, general cargo ships and fishing boats, bring the year's total to

In short, if your environmental goals involve a reduction in the use of fossil fuels over time, this goal is unlikely to happen because the world starts ...

which of the following technologies do you expect to have the greatest positive impact on your

Electricity prices increased by 51 percent in Germany during its expansion of solar and wind energy

Natural gas prices to remain stable. The EIA predicts a very slight increase in average natural gas prices during 2012. Source: EIA, Short-Term Energy ...

However, the call by such a large industry player to reintroduce carbon pricing ahead of a looming federal election drew a withering response from the ...

The current oil-price rally is over. Source: EIA, Wall Street Journal and Labyrinth Consulting Services, Inc.

Indexing Advantage

Debt Ratios Climbing For Large Oil Companies Source: WSJ