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What happens to plants given microwaved water Health and fitness

What happens to plants given microwaved water Health and fitness


What happens to plants given microwaved water vs. boiled water? This science experiment might have you re-thinking your use of a microwave!

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So if microwaved water does this to plants… what does microwaved food to do you? Click on the picture to read the whole article.

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Contrary to grilling, which normally involves some sort of charcoal, "griddling"

Image: Courtesy of Planet 13

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Woman with gloves spraying a leaves of fruit tree against plant diseases.

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Get ready for the summer sun.

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hiker drinking water in the woods. Health & Wellness ...

It's no surprise that boiling ends up on the bottom of the


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Stunted growth exhibited by plants irrigated with microwaved water.

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One thing that almost all scientists agree on is that microwave radiation causes cataracts

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