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What is Website Bounce rate and how to avoid it Global Marketing

What is Website Bounce rate and how to avoid it Global Marketing


Whatever you do, make sure that your CTA is compelling. It should compel users to click and see what's on the other side.

For all the site categories, average bounce rate on the top entry page was lower than the average bounce rate. News/Media had the highest bounce rate on ...

Except News/Media site other categories of sites had a higher Bounce Rate when the home page was the top entry page. I think when user enter a News/Media ...

Looking at the average benchmark bounce rates by channel for the Advertising & Marketing, Online Communities, and Shopping industry categories, ...

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Instead, make use of the below infographic, which presents data from Customedialabs, to find the expected bounce rates for different website types.

SEO Bounce Rate

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Average bounce rates were above 30% of all the six categories. News/Media sites had highest average bounce rates. This is what I had expected too, ...

... for your webpage, especially if the majority of your traffic comes from mobile users. First, analyze whether the reason behind your high bounce rate is ...

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To clarify the difference, we can consider a simple website with four pages: Home Page, Product Page, Confirmation Page, and Contact Us Page.


Bounce rate is not a measurement of how long a user spends on your page. Much of the confusion arises from this distinction. You can have a great, ...


Here is the importance of bounce rate, as told by the numbers.

Google Analytics data of a social media bounce rate skew




While this article provided the benchmark bounce rates for general industries, you may find it useful to dwell a little deeper and look up the benchmarks ...

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Google Analytics data of a blog post bounce rate examples

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How are bounces generated?

One of the problems we've written about before is that the bounce rate for a site is not inherently accurate in Google analytics.

What Is a Website Bounce Rate? It is generally asked that What Is a Website Bounce Rate and How to Avoid It. In general terms, Bounce Rate is used on ...

Bounce Rate: The Balance Between SEO and UX

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High bounce rates can hurt your site's conversions rates. After all, if your site visitors are leaving your site before you have a chance to convert them ...

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Some popups are well designed and they will convert visitors into long-term readers, which is part of improving conversion rates.


Notice how the paid search traffic has a bounce rate of 88%, whilst social

... rates by 32% (when compared to a one second load time) and a 5 seconds load time can increase your bounce rates by 90%; and don't forget, every bounce ...

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... lower bounce rate

Guide Users With Internal Links

The slower your website is, the higher your bounce rate will be.

Adjusted Bounce Rate example

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2019 Digital Marketing Statistics

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Is your website guilty of these common SEO mistakes?

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More complex pages can hurt conversion rates

We built HubSpot CMS with that in mind, and it's designed to help you deliver an exceptional customer-centric experience. With that said, let's walk through ...

How Bounce Rate Can Affect SEO!


The task is challenging and not every out-of-the-box financial product succeeds in the market. According to the Global ...

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As most of the sites have a Paid Search Campaigns (PPC), I used PPC to understand if Landing pages have an impact on the bounce rates.

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channel-partner-email-marketing-journey.jpg ...

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Hold up, pogo-sticking sounds ridiculously similar to bounce rate. Indeed, their similarity is often a point of confusion. However, whereas a high bounce ...

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