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While it might be one of the deadliest and scariest diseases

While it might be one of the deadliest and scariest diseases


Marburg virus is one of the pathogens the WHO recently identified as most dangerous. (Springer Medizin/Science Photo Library/Corbis)

When Lyme disease isn't caught early, the fallout can be scary

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Which Contagious Diseases Are The Deadliest?

Top 10 Deadly Diseases in the World

The flu may not sound like one of the deadliest diseases in the US, but this infectious disease is highly contagious, with hundreds of strains that mutate ...

Alice in Wonderland may be pure fantasy, but one of Alice's more bizarre experiences shares its characteristics with a scary mental disorder.

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One Study Finds 'Zombie Deer' Prion Disease May Not Infect Humans, but Risk Remains

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25 Deadliest Diseases In Human History...Not Surprising, Ebola Is One Of Them

BITE ME This summer, a lone star tick bit the author's baby. The culprit, shown, was a nymph that wasn't carrying disease-causing bacteria and had only a ...

A Toad Mountain harlequin frog

25 Most Painful Diseases That You Definitely Don't Want To Catch

According to 2014 Tropical Medicine Reports, the Dengue virus (DENV) is one of the most common viral diseases of the past 30 years, with approximately 390 ...

After the vaccination campaigns of the 20th century, smallpox has become one of two infectious diseases that have been declared as completely eradicated ...

Deadly diseases

Viewpoint: The deadly disease that killed more people than WW1 - BBC News

How Does Dengue Spread?

The World Is Not Ready for the Next Pandemic

8 things everybody should know about measles

While it might be one of the deadliest and scariest diseases circulating the globe, it

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Can Pigeons Spread Disease?


10 most dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria

The disease is still found in parts of Asia, Africa and the Americas. Few humans are now infected, although outbreaks occasionally occur.

Groups like USAID PREDICT regularly monitor such diseases in wildlife to prevent the jump from animal to humans. (iStock)

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Epidemics in real life might not be quite what we see in the movies, but they can be dire. Can Ja/Unsplash

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Terrifying Diseases

10 Deadliest Diseases in Human History

Our aversion to human flesh is an evolutionary reaction to illness. But, yeah, you can eat people safely. You shouldn't, but you could.

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It is a scary illness, not just for parents but for doctors, too: Acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) causes sudden weakness and loss of muscle tone in the arms ...

The 50 Most Dangerous Bugs in America

Dr. Bob Sears actually reassured parents that measles wasn't deadly in developed countries

... reported in May 2017 in India. Zika was also reported to be present in some parts of North America, Brazil, South America and parts of the Caribbean.

Gene editing breakthrough allows precise fixes of humans and could destroy thousands of most deadly diseases

Ten shocking animal diseases that may threaten species

Though it's often been used in terrifying plot twists, Alien Hand Syndrome is hardly limited to the fictional world. Those with this scary, but fortunately ...

15 Scary Diseases You Can Get From Your Pet, According to Vets

8 Health Conditions That Disproportionately Affect Black Women

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What you need to know about Zika virus

... are carriers of hantavirus, which causes a rare but potentially fatal syndrome. (James Gathany/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)


Rare Mental Disorders

Why strep throat is causing serious complications, from amputations to death

"Superbug" CRE - 15 superbugs and other scary diseases - Pictures - CBS News

Feature story

Peach Leaf Curl is One Scary Disease

This deadliest insect causes 1 million death every year by transmitting deadly malaria disease. Mosquitoes carry malaria germs from one place to another, ...

Maneater: And Other True Stories of a Life in Infectious Diseases by Pamela Nagami

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The Top 10 Deadliest Diseases

Two nurses standing near Mayinga N'Seka, a nurse with Ebola virus disease in the 1976 outbreak in Zaire. N'Seka died a few days later.

Acrochordon /skin tag

When You Should Worry. It can be a scary ...

Meningococcal disease

What is an autoimmune disease?

8. Tuberculosis

The 10 Most Dangerous Animals in the World

When Sonia Vallabh lost her mother to a rare disease, she and her husband, Eric Minikel, set out to find a cure.

"Zombie Virus" Possible via Rabies-Flu Hybrid?

16 diseases you can get from your pets

Striped bark scorpions can be found in states like Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Colorado, and Louisiana. Their stings pack a punch that can last a few days, ...

Killer or Creepy? 5 Japanese Bugs To Avoid This Summer

Those who suffer from the very rare — but very scary — mental disorder Boanthropy believe they are cows, often going as far as to behave as such.

Scientists worry 'zombie deer' disease could jump to humans

In Breakthrough, Scientists Edit a Dangerous Mutation From Genes in Human EmbryosIn Breakthrough, Scientists Edit a Dangerous Mutation From Genes in Human ...

Fear of Holes May Stem From Evolutionary Survival Response

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Lyme disease rates have been climbing steadily