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Who Are The Bad Guys US and Allied Forces Killed More Afghan

Who Are The Bad Guys US and Allied Forces Killed More Afghan



Afghan army cadets take part in a graduation ceremony in Kabul on April 25, 2019

By Matt Agorist

Afghanistan's Soldiers Step Up Killings of Allied Forces


Afghan commandos near the site of the U.S. bombing in eastern Afghanistan.

2001 War in Afghanistan collage 3.jpg

Image. American Marines in the southern Afghan ...

Taliban threaten 70% of Afghanistan, BBC finds



For years, the U.S. military has been reporting how much territory the Afghan government controls as compared to how much the Taliban controls as a measure ...

US Marine Corps soldiers pay their respects during a memorial service in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, 2009. (AP Photo / Julie Jacobson)

Afghan security forces patrol during an operation against suspected militants in Helmand, Afghanistan, on


"Reach the Women": Reviewing the US military's experiment with female soldiers contacting the 'other half' of Afghan society | Afghanistan Analysts Network

21, 2018, President Donald Trump surprised his own closest advisors by deciding to pull troops out of Syria and to reduce the 14,000 American troops in ...

Soldiers in Afghan poppy field

The U.S. Lost a Key Ally in Southern Afghanistan. But Abdul Raziq Was No Hero.

Does Donald Trump Think That the War on Terror Is Over?

Nine young children killed: The full details of botched US raid in Yemen

US Military © AFP 2015/ Noorullah Shirzada / FILES

'Unspeakable numbers': 10,000 civilians killed or injured in Afghanistan in 2017

Killing Americans and their Allies: Iran's Continuing War against the United States and the West

Afghan security officials on patrol in Helmand province, Afghanistan, on Friday

Why More Troops Won't Help Afghanistan

US 'war on terror' has killed over half a million people: study


The U.S. Needs to Rethink What Winning in Afghanistan Looks Like

Afghan men offer funeral prayers near the bodies of civilians killed in a NATO air strike

SF_KilledInAFG_32March2019 U.S. ...

Why Trump's Afghanistan strategy risks the worst of both worlds. Open-ended commitment to send in more troops leaves US and allies ...

What Afghan Soldiers Think About U.S. Troop Withdrawal and Taliban Peace Talks

The War the U.S. Left Behind in Afghanistan

U.S. Policy in Afghanistan: Changing Strategies, Preserving Gains - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

U.S. troops in Afghanistan

Syria: The Truth About the Russian Deaths in US Airstrikes

After 13 years, CIA honors Green Beret killed on secret Afghanistan mission

Erik Prince on ending the war in Afghanistan

Mortar attack on Shigal Tarna garrison, Kunar Province, 87.jpg

Afghan police officers are pictured. | AP Photo

Rumsfeld speaks at the U.S. base in Kabul, Afghanistan, May 2003. AP/

An Afghan special operator stands watch as Afghan Special Security Forces raid Taliban compounds in Baraki

An ambulance arrives at the scene after twin explosions targeted central Kabul (picture-alliance. Afghan civilians were killed in greater ...

Afghanistan: U.S. Special Forces Guilty of War Crimes?

Airstrike in Afghanistan's opium capital kills eight civilians

The secret story of how America lost the drug war with the Taliban

The Valley Boys: How a Lone Special Forces Team is Fighting ISIS in the Remote Mountains of Afghanistan

How a Pink Flower Defeated the World's Sole Superpower: America's Opium War in Afghanistan

Afghan border police take their positions following clashes with Pakistani forces on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan in eastern Nangarhar ...

America, Don't Give Up on Afghanistan

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Resistance leader Imam Shamil, an ethnic Avar and hero to many Chechens, surrenders to

Afghanistan: U.S. Special Forces Guilty of War Crimes?

Military Believes Trump's Afghan War Plan Is Working, but Spy Agencies Are Pessimistic

American Green Berets teach navigation techniques to soldiers from the Sudan People's Liberation Army near a

A US soldier in Herat, Afghanistan (picture-alliance/dpa/EPA/

Robert Bales Speaks Confessions of Americas Most Notorious War Criminal

A U.S. soldier is pictured. | AP Photo

A US-Taliban peace deal may be on the way. But it could easily fall apart.

Blackwater US private security contractor.

The U.S. Lost a Key Ally in Southern Afghanistan. But Abdul Raziq Was No Hero.

U.S. Special Forces around their base near the town of Obo, Central African Republic,

Afghanistan: The Soldiers' Story (And It's Not The One You Hear On The News)

AP Photo/David Guttenfelder. The U.S. war ...

An Australian special forces soldier in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan.

File photo of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan in November 2009


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U.S. Army forces operating in southern Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Apr. 2, 2003 (U.S. Navy photo)

Nato-led forces have killed more civilians in Afghanistan than Taliban so far in 2019 | South China Morning Post

The Devastating Paradox of Pakistan. How Afghanistan's neighbor cultivated American ...

Military Jargon From Iraq and Afghanistan

Afghan security forces gather in mid-January at the site of a powerful truck bomb

Afghan security forces inspect the site of a US airstrike in Kunduz, north of Kabul, Afghanistan on October 2, 2015. (AP Photo)

More British troops are being sent to Afghanistan – to appease Trump

On the Front Line: Embedded With American Female Combat Soldiers in Afghanistan

After America. Will civil war hit Afghanistan when the U.S. ...

Pashtun Boy.jpg

Credit: U.S. Air Force/Flickr

12 Strong Is an Underwhelming Tribute to the 'Horse Soldiers' of the Afghan War

A look at how the US-led coalition lost Afghanistan's Marjah district to the Taliban - Middle East - Stripes

US general: Want to leave a unified Afghanistan

A U.S. airman conducts preflight checks on an MQ-9 Reaper in Afghanistan, 2015. (Robert Cloys/USAF)