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Zombie Plants BOTANICA The Planthunter Places Wonders of the

Zombie Plants BOTANICA The Planthunter Places Wonders of the


The Planthunter

Image sourced from the Scientific American.

The Planthunter

The Planthunter : Truth, Beauty, Chaos and Plants - Georgina Reid



Methuselah at Kibbutz Ketura, Israel. Image by Dr Elaine Solowey. Resurrection Plants Over the centuries, historians and archaeologists have excavated sites ...

Here in New York City, the chill of winter has already introduced itself. But inside where we are, it's warm and humid. Leaves press gently on foggy glass.

The Planthunter

The Planthunter

I used to hate succulents. I hated them enough to tell people I hated them. I can't remember what it was specifically that I despised so much, ...

The Planthunter

... BOTANICA | The Planthunter by The Planthunter. What's dead is never gone, as these resurrected zombie/mutant plants will show you

An apple triggered the Trojan War, so legend claims. As far as this fruity myth goes, history extols that wars have begun for much less and are chaotic, ...

Arabidopsis thaliana. Image sourced from Saxifraga.

Georgina Reid and Bess. Image by Daniel Shipp

Litrato ni The Planthunter.

Image from the National Academy of Sciences, sourced from the National Geographic.

In the Forest of Good Advice (Wai Koa Plantation, Kauai). Andy Murdock, 2018

flowers-06584 - 5469-thladiantha dubia, Dubious Thladiantha


Litrato ni The Planthunter.

The Planthunter | Issue 7 | POWER | Plant/Life: An interview with Sydney

The Planthunter

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A voluptuous wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) winds its way around the verandah of Coombe Cottage.


Farm-fresh orchids, in every color you can imagine. Photo: Alizee Marchand

The great ginkgo tree at Anraku Ji Temple in Hiroshima 60 years on from the Atomic blast. Image sourced from Get Hiroshima.

Epilobium angustifolium 'Album' - http://b-and-t-world-seeds.com/ or http://www.plantexplorers.com/ The last time I saw this plant I was hiking in the White ...

The knot garden at Great Fosters Hotel. We stayed there last trip.

Though it's still winter here in Wisconsin (and many places- when will it end!?) my Vernal Witchhazel is blooming away. It got a bit of an early start in ...

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I'm a crazy collecting Christmas Cactus closet connoisseur. (Yes, I also have a fondness for alliteration). I can't help but purchase any new color of ...

Photo by Carme Aguayo

sunset trial 3 · sunset trial 2

... planting demonstrations, a coffee and cake morning and an evening with plant hunter Tom Hart-Dyke described as the 'new David Bellamy') with all ...

The straight species is a bright magenta/pink. Ironically the white version is only available from a few companies based out of the U.K..

Jardine Hansen and Dash. Image supplied by Jardine

Tulip fields, Skagit Valley. Photo: brewbooks (CC BY-SA)

Aster Evaluation

35 Interesting Indoor Plants Ideas for Summer

Cat Alley Surry Hills


This awesome urban jungle apartment was home to artist Mathieu Gallois for 17 years until 2014 when the owners sold the plot for redevelopment.

People just ate up the idea of a man eating tree. I like to think that this man eating tree really did exist but is not extinct.

Wow, ten days since my last post? Time flies when my attention drifts and life runs quickly. My wandering affections for the garden were jerked back in line ...

Slideshow of the finished garden

An ant killed by an Ophiocordyeps fungus – some cicadas have a very different relationship. Photo: Katja Schulz (CC BY)

Temporary exhibitions and events also take place throughout the year. Outside, in the recreation of a seventeenth-century knot ...

Happy #FlowerFriday to all my petal pals! The Sierra is getting absolutely pummeled with

Eurybia macrophylla 'Alba'

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Photo by Natasha Iyer. Share This Article

I was also afraid that the pink tones of Sugar Tip® would be a bit pale and uninspiring. I brought her home, nonetheless, hoping that the deer would leave ...

London Calling. (London gardens , that is.)

Slideshow of the finished garden

A stunning literary mystery set between 1938 New York and 1986 Brisbane.

The hot and humid atmosphere is ideal for Tillandsia usneoides (spanish moss).

Our recent #instapoll on #vandaorchids result: 96% were "completely in love

Venus flytraps in the carnivorous plants gallery

The toxins found in African and Asian grass pea plants are seven times more toxic than Middle Eastern types, so newly engineered hybrids contain just enough ...

Symphiotrichum oblongifolium 'October Skies'

You're invited to share your plant-inspired poem with us.

Annie Bee\s white garden south border

Catharanthus roseus

The Plant Hunters: True Stories of Their Daring Adventures to the Far Corners of the Earth

Of course the Austin folks presented three more roses at Chelsea this year: Desdemona, The Ancient Mariner and Sir Walter Scott.

Dash the border collie. Image by Jardine Hansen

Slideshow of the finished garden

Frank Kingdon Ward in WW2 from a trail board from a past Newquay Zoo plant hunters


Driftwood at Iron Mine Bay Beach, East Sooke Regional Park, British Columbia. Photo: Michal Klajban (CC BY-SA)

Plant/Life: Sean Cook

So sunny today! My haworthias are happy. 🥰 Happy Saturday! 🌞🌿 •

... alba - http://www.plant-world-seeds.com/ This is a cute little european native that has naturalized in moist to wet meadows throughout the northeast.

On top of that, they usually have fantastic fall color in shades of yellow, orange, red, and burgundy. If you have room for a large shrub, pick one up.


The Planthunter

Isle Botanica. Rare Plants of Niue. Flora of Niue. Oceania

The Planthunter - Botanica .

Our Nikkos got nipped again but the Annabelles are gorgeous at High Hampton

specimen of Brunfelsia plowmaniana

Trail through the sugi forest of Shiratani Unsuikyo ravine. Photo: Josh Berglund (CC BY)

Plant Evolution

Slideshow of the finished garden

Meet TS and Come See the Rest of the Garden.

Photography by Leanne Ambrogio

Multilingual Multiscripted Plant Name Database (M.M.P.N.D.) - A showcase for…

Peter Williams Fig. 2 R. yakushimanum.

About Il mio orto biologico

Epiphyte tree in the Exotic Rainforest rare tropical plants

P I L E A • C A D I E R E I . . . #pilea #pileacadierei #aluminumplant

Mathieu installed skylights to ensure his plethora of jungle plants would continue to thrive in the warehouse apartment. Not just his home Mathieu also used ...

Volunteer Balloon Flowers. No clue where they came from.

Shaman Pharmaceuticals collected plants from regions such as Madagascar, above. (Photo: Rod Waddington/WikiCommons CC BY-SA 2.0)

Slideshow of the finished garden