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Bare branches with some purple buds mixed in cross gnarled

Bare branches with some purple buds mixed in cross gnarled


bare branches with some purple buds mixed in, cross, gnarled driftwood, brown tablecloth

Mysterious Wisteria: An Irresistible Flower Goes from Vine to Vase | Gardenista: Sourcebook for Outdoor Living | Bloglovin'

Alien like buds of Common Elder or Black Elder, Sambucus Nigra

Mauve truncheon buds of Common Alder

Willow, Salix caprea buds

Common beech buds looking like sharp torpedoes

Sycamore, Acer pseudoplatanus, bud

Lavender and Olive branch

Blue Moon Wisteria

Hazel bud and hairy shoot

Why am I going on about Mardi Gras as we approach Easter? Because of the colors. We would suspend a large flag decorated in the purple, yellow and green of ...

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simple, rough wooden cross, on its side

alyssum clear chrystal mix.jpg

Sea Glass Blossom , acrylic on mylar panel, ...

'Plush' flowers a new and improved dark purple we released this year, with a lower, denser habit than available in any of the similar purple species in the ...

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Hornbeam buds and catkins

bare branches with some purple buds mixed in, cross, gnarled driftwood, brown tablecloth. jl mc · worship enhancement · candle because Christ is the Light ...

Silver birch bud starting to burst

The photo was taken at Fort Bowie National Monument. There was a small herd walking around.

The characteristic upturned shoots of ash. Photo: Paul Kirtley.

The redbud tree is one of the first indications of spring in these parts. Though the trees bloomed a little later this year and had to compete with the ...

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Twisted branch ring with amethyst, Branch infinity engagement ring, Amethyst braided ring in silver, Women's branch ring, Unusual twig ring

A version of this article appeared in a previous print edition of State-by-State Gardening. Photo courtesy of Barbara Wise.

2018-03-09 18.18.53.jpg

Deadheading and Dividing Bulbs


Celtic knot

Dianthus alpinus 'Pudsey Prize'

Pink Rose Tree 10 seeds Masses of rose pink Flowers - gnarled trunk for bonsai -Container gardening or standard Cassia nodosa seed sale

Pruning Point


... dry foliage that may eventually spread to most of the plant. This is a prompt to take a few cuttings and start again with a new plant in a new location.

Loppers with a bypass blade are used for branches larger than ½ inch. And when that doesn't make the cut, a hand-pruning saw or motorized chain saw is ...

2018-03-09 17.41.37.jpg

Euphorbia inundata var. garrettii (Orzell & Bridges 22211 and live material). A. Habit of pistillate plant. B. Habit of staminate plant.

Halfway through my gig on an ocean liner, a guest mysteriously disappeared — and I had to keep everyone laughing.


Picture of a purple flower

... small amount of extra moisture can do to structures. Having spent the past 20 years restoring and preserving historic buildings in Charleston, ...

... and moths and is an important food source for the larval stage. It was raised and introduced by Alan Bloom, c. 1963. Propagation is best achieved by ...

Sooty black ash buds

Small, gnarled, but mature tree at Crater Lake, Oregon [C.J. Earle, 2008.06.28].

Snow Gums Original Glass Mosaic - Tree Mosaic

Tisanes: Easy Teas You Can Grow, with 7 Tips from Emily Erb | Gardenista: Sourcebook for Outdoor Living | Bloglovin'


candle because Christ is the Light of the world, grapes to remind us of Communion, cross, floral arrangement with palms and bare…

One of my objections to this land is one of its strongest traits: an almost strangling fecundity. The woods in the summer are so verdant and lush, ...

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My best friend Ronnie White made this papier mache “stargazer” guy a few years ago, and he has haunted me ever since… I thought he would be the perfect ...

Butterfly on Branches Wall Décor

Flower Child' TM flowers first crop flowering with its favorite friend, purple originating as just a single branch sport I found in a block of 3000 1g.

I'm going to plant some more Calylophus around out little homestead and observe ...

The leaves on the end of an apple tree branch are wilted and dying as a

Salix scouleriana


If there aren't enough field veggies to look at, we may as well

Amethyst Falls Wisteria

Viola Eco Pot


Ceiba Tree flowers are off white with loads of nectar.

WINTER AND DORMANT BUDS 117 Moreover, branches grow .

I found myself lost in the moment. Absorbing the sounds and sights of bumble bees, the woodpecker, deer and pheasants.A pink crab apple tree was still in ...


First, score the branch halfway with an upstroke approximately 12 inches from the main trunk. Second, make a full downward stroke an inch or so outside of ...

... silvery, windswept-looking statement in your garden or landscape. Single white flowers sprinkled heavily along the branches from spring through fall ...

Tangled bare branches of some trees in winter with a clear blue sky background - Stock

Twisted branch engagement ring, Branch amethyst ring in silver, Small branch ring, Women's twig silver ring, Nature ring, Unique womens gift

While it has been a little cool and wet, I have had some extra time to plot out some new combinations I want to try in the garden. I love to mix ...

Iris pallida

Garden Visit: Bluebells and Wild Garlic in Standish Wood

Dianthus 'Inshriach Dazzler'

Ludwigs Roses Catalogue

With their pretty pastel petals neatly packed into elegant oviform packages, ready to burst open

So goodbye fresh buds and petals, it's been all too fleeting, and hello to the falling leaves of an Australian autumn…

... Article Photo ...

Gnarled Tree - Fine Art Print by Nicole Gustafsson

Current Obsessions: Tiny Gardens

Growing Apple Trees: A Fruitful Primer

Branches smaller than your thumb can usually be pruned with a pair of pruners, while larger branches will require a loppers or pruning saw.

my favorite tree ever. curly willow.


Old-growth Great Basin bristlecone pine with more dead than live wood. Photo by Dr. Garon Smith, used with permission.

The naked woods of winter


'Bloomtime' flowers very similar to the sublime and irreplaceable 'Rozanne,' this is a lighter lavender pink flower but otherwise very similar appearance.

Harsh Armadillo & Northeast Traffic

Monet Morning, acrylic on mylar panel, ...