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Blood gold by dogmeatsausage on DeviantArt Paul Harmon Batman

Blood gold by dogmeatsausage on DeviantArt Paul Harmon Batman


blood gold by dogmeatsausage on DeviantArt

King of the Beasts by dogmeatsausage

dogmeatsausage 23 2 king of Beasts pg 11 by dogmeatsausage

dogmeatsausage 58 5 King of Beasts 2 by dogmeatsausage

Heatherzart 1,064 92 Beasts by dogmeatsausage

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Rockinyourbrainoff 120 38 Medusa concepts detail by dogmeatsausage

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Paul Harmon · Tales of TMNT 59 pg 12 by dogmeatsausage on DeviantArt

Paul Harmon · tales of TMNT 59 pg 13 by dogmeatsausage on DeviantArt


Izu 3 by Heatherzart


Paul Harmon: On The Ugly Truths Of Stolen Land And Water




Batman by Ben Jones Color by Edward Bola

The Batman vs. Joker dynamic explained in one panel. Batman: Gotham Adventures #1 p.33

BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT [v1] by ~synthetikxs on deviantART Batman Love,

Image by Brohawk at DeviantArt

Deviant Friday: Paul Harmon Edition

Just for fun, some OMAC stats for Mystery Men! using 10 dice for ability scores and 25,000 XP for powers.

Savage by dogmeatsausage on DeviantArt

Who's blood is that? Who is scanning it? What's going to happen?

Paul Harmon · Tmnt Ultimate Monster Island cover Bw by dogmeatsausage Love Drawings, Tmnt, Original Art,

Batman Beyond

Those who wander are not lost

Batman: Streets of Gotham




TMNT vector drawing by Alex Ogle.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Wolverine vs Sabretooth

Sith Marauder

It's not surprising to me that he doesn't have a Red Sonja or Dejah Thoris in his gallery, but man would I be interested to see what he would do with them!


Awesome BATMAN, BATGIRL, and NIGHTWING Geek Art Series

A Gueixa e O Samurai

Batman. Batman by dogmeatsausage

Batman Blue by Thuddleston on deviantART Batman Dark, Batman Robin, Batman The Dark Knight

I also discovered the paper minis at The Fantasy Trip and was absolutely blown away! Check them out - you will not be disappointed (sample below) and you ...

Batman (Bruce Wayne) Bob Kane, Batman Family, Stanley Lau, Marvel Comics

No Sonja or Dejah this time around, but if you're looking for some pics of the titian warmaiden, you might check out the Red Sonja, She-Devil With a Sword ...

The Bat... by *AndyFairhurst on deviantART Batman Dark, Im Batman,

The second collection of #oblivionsong by #robertkirkman, #lorenzodefelici, & #annalisaleoni

Review: Batman #20 #business Batman Art, Superman, Im Batman, Batman

cover illustration


Eastmonkey in the wonderland

Batman by bmman007 Batman Art, Batman Comics, Im Batman, Dc Comics, Comic


I'm gonna be posting my one shot comic on my deviantart website. I

Comic Book Villains, Gotham Villains, Superhero Villains, Comic Books Art, Comic Art

I understand Alan Gribben will be releasing a new version of the text that excludes the word F'tagn – shocking.

I really couldn't be happier with how this spread came together. Lettering is

Name: Selina Kyle

MORA: great beast 2 by ~dogmeatsausage on deviantART @Neha Shailendra Deviantart, Cartoon

Lethal Protector - Blood In The Water (Cover Artist: Mark Bagley) Release Date:

Monster inco

MIYAZAKI #commission from this morning at @emeraldcitycomiccon - love drawing these cats. -

Batman vs Superman

chrisohalloranart: “ Batman colors. Sketch by @nickderington ” Batman Art, Im Batman


Here's the first two pages of pencils for a horror/sci-fi story I

There was much honor to be had in escorting Mirandra, one of the Vestal Virgins of Nomo, to storied Galardis to reconsecrate the Temple of Vesta in that ...

Batman and The Joker by Marc Laming Comics Toons, Comic Book Characters, Comic Movies


Finished my Lyonesse map today - I think it came out pretty good. It's based on Carcasonne, and if you manage to find a map of that picturesque old town, ...

Instagram post by @thegothamvault • Aug 26, 2017 at 3:34pm UTC

Batman Metal, Batman Art, Batman Ninja, Im Batman, The Man Who Laughs

One Man And His Blog: Photo

Batman by ardian-syaf.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt Batman Artwork, Batman

Steam Cathedral

Blanka - Paul Harmon Blanka Street Fighter, Street Fighter Alpha, Marvel

5 - Starting work on Hexcrawl Classics #3. I've seen some of the art for the first two, and when I get permission will show some of it off on the blog.

Got some new stickers in today!! weatherproof vinyl pieces of comic gold - #

The Joker by Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund, & Brian Miller * Batman Universe,

Batman // artwork by Menton J. Matthews III Batman Fan Art, Batman Vs

I also discovered the paper minis at The Fantasy Trip and was absolutely blown away! Check them out - you will not be disappointed (sample below) and you ...

... Batgirl costumes Barbara Gordon, Bette Kane, Helena Bertinelli, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown have worn while fighting under Batman's banner.

The Joker by Paul Harmon Joker Origin, Comic Book Characters, Comic Character, Comic

Inked panel four for page 82 of http://quarterlystories.com #draweveryday

So, one thing to come out of my little play-test of Mystery Men! yesterday was that my “feats” concept had some serious flaws. Essentially, feats in MM! are ...


Batman Batman 1966, Batman 2, Batman Comics, Dc Comics, Batman Stuff,

This awesome piece may be purchased at: www.metropoliscomicart.com | joker | Joker, Joker art, Batman