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Elbeatsyourfear recoverywin after four very long and boring years I

Elbeatsyourfear recoverywin after four very long and boring years I


#elbeatsyourfear #recoverywin after four very long and boring years I finally took matters into

#superrecoverywin + #elbeatsyourfear 🥳💪 I HAD THE CROISSANT!

omg I had a pub dinner and it was actually nice🙈 I was absolutely terrified

#elbeatsyourfear + #recoverywin this gal has just had four pieces of Toblerone chocolate 🍫

#AFTERNOONSNACK was a light yogurt and sugar free meringues! #food #foodislife #

I was kindly sent this delicious giant birthday cake cookie (which I shared with the

I've been in recovery from an eating disorder for 10 months now and it's

~The BMI Concept and Goal Weights~ We each have our own 'right weight

Post weigh in breakfast, one poached egg (P), 7 syns for warburtons

morning snack at uni is an almond iced latte, homemade date loaf slathered in

#elbeatsyourfear just beat another one of you guys's fears: bananas!!! I

Looks a mess lol but was peng😋lunch was a massive challenge because just lunch

When you haven't bought groceries yet and you have nothing for breakfast. @

Ci troviamo in una società che purtroppo ci mette continuamente di fronte ad un numero. 4 hours ago

아침 일찍 #ktx 탈 일 있을때마다 #특식 #맥모닝 ❤ #에그

tonight was a huge challenge I ate 250 g filled pasta!

How long ago was the hype about these? Like a year? Yep I'

I love an #eggmcmuffin 🤤. That is all.

it's been really hard for me lately!!! i can barley post any food

Thanks @mcdonaldsuk for the takeaway breakfast & dry bagels!! 'Freshly Made To

4 days ago

everything is just so fucking messed up like this picture of the moon I took last. 4 hours ago

morning snack is 3 dates with dark choc salted PB and a hot cross bun

El desayuno es la comida más importante, definitivamente la mejor opción siempre es realizarlo en

#eggs #healthy #relax #fitness #gym #eggmcmuffin muffins

On this day 11 years ago i got a second chance @ life.... Just want to express my deepest gratitude towards the people who always told me the ...

Do you find yourself feeling like the left side more often than the right? 🤔

#elbeatsyourfear + #recoverywin I HAD PIZZAAAAAA 😱🤩 oh yes I had pizza.

4 days ago

We are travelling and of course that means fast food. As we travel in different regions that means different restaurants, so I tjought you guys could help ...

Made at home #eggmcmuffin

Fix #3: Serve meals using the "half-plate" rule. When

Smashed another proper meal when I could have avoided it & just had snacks things cos

Weigh in done 🥳🥳🥳 super happy with the results!!

Sometimes all you need is a pint of vegan B&J's and My Little Pony 😄 [

Getting them angles of this thicc ass lovely triple chocolate short bread. So today In

#Repost @natecreate with @get_repost ・・・ Happy McDonald's Day! Go get

a week ago

ahhhh huge #recoverywin and #elbeatsyourfear !!!! I had a wonderful meal

Hi guys, I hope you had a great day. 😣 Mine didn'

Tonight's dinner was a BIG challenge as it was spaghetti (it had pasta sauce mixed

Brunch @mcdonalds #mcdonalds #eggmcmuffin #panasspecial #eat #eats #food #foods #foodie #foodforinsta #instafood #foodphotograph #foodphotography #cuisine ...

#elbeatsyourfear this time I challenged "big meals" 🥘🍽and had carvery with my family, 👨 👩 👧 👦which is quite scary for me because of the variety ...

2 parties on 4/20! First this one (had to block out the

What I mean by this is that it's usually not until we breakdown or burnout that we realise how important our own health is. How important our own needs are ...

Veckans Lunch Buffé 🇮🇹 #scandinavium #pizza #lunch #soppa #

Time to tackle a fear food! Although I'm struggling with tons of bad

Thank you @dylanmurphy.rd for this beauty! . . I see a lot of clients who are scared of their cravings. They believe they'll “get out of control” if they ...

So pumped that #battlefield implemented #duos in #firestorm . @operastrike and I had a few rough warm up rounds but finally got our #victory and I had to ...

a week ago

Do we Come to be perfect, to have zero size, to cover our supposed

Getting them angles of this thicc ass lovely triple chocolate short bread. So today In

Long time, no post. Went home for the weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday

tried cadbury's caramel bar on porridge and meh it's not the best 🤷 ♀ it doesnt melt too well, which is why theres no melt video. it still gave a nice ...


I got a hello kitty ice cream today at 10:00pm‼ ‼ ‼ this was such a huge challenge because I normally don't eat after 8 but all my friends got one and ...

Come on, you and I got this Monday!


egg mcmuffins for my dinner🤤 pushed the boat out and had two as a post weigh day treat😋😂this is just an egg whisked in a cup (that has been greased) ...

Dinner was a #recoverywin 💪🏆 Broccoli with tomatoes and.

#mcketo Ham for the bun 😋 Double Egg/Bacon and cheese from McD.

pint party n 2😎 vegan chunky monkey:) it was exTREMELY HARD but fucking hell I did it and it was really good. I'm really proud of myself cause I was scared ...

@mcdonalds when you literally slap a breakfast sandwich together .... #prep #fastfood #fails #fail #breakfast #eggmcmuffin. 34

this is a non relatable picture i just thought it looked cool lol. TW so

😍TOBLERONE ⠀ Швейцария 🇨🇭 ⠀ Цена: 49 грн ✅ ⠀ 🤪Tobleron молочный

Went to an afternoon BBQ at a friends where I had three ribs, 2 sweet potato wedges, and a few bites of baked beans.

4 days ago

Σιγαααά θα κουτουλήσεις στην οθόνη 😂 Έλα να το φας ή παράγγειλε μέσω @efoodgr 😉 ▫︎Follow @zoes.bruncherie for more

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in case you didn't know, rabokki is a type of tteokbokki with added ramyeon noodles!🍜 i must say ...

Швейцарський шоколад Toblerone в наявності всіх смаків 😍🎁 Вибирай смак і замовляй 🙌🏻 ЦІНА

The forever type of love.



𝗟𝗔 𝗣𝗔𝗦𝗧𝗔 !!! ~•~•~•~•~•~


Woah breakfast this morning was something different for the first time in forever 💪 I stayed at a hotel after my competition last night so couldn't make my ...

5 days ago

Egg Muffin Bacon 🥓, pomme de terre sautées et salade 🥗 A force de voir la pub @mcdonalds_france en boucle, fallait bien que je m'en fasse un maison 😛!

Petit déjeuner plaisir ✨ . . Hello hello mes belles, j'espère que vous

Aujourd'hui la journée s'est bien passée! Je finis les plateaux ce

Egg McMuffin 🥚🍳 . . . . . #egg #eggmcmuffin #whatmybabyeats #

Well never thought I'd see these walls again. Woke up very lightheaded and nauseous so mom decided to drive me to the emergency room to get my checked out ...


Eggcellent start to the day.

I've been putting this off for at least two months, if not three

2 days ago

Quand ta dinde te commande un egg Mc Muffin... #petitdejcomplet #morningeggs

NewDish ( @newdish.in )


LITERALLY SUCH A GOOD DAY!!! I don't have days like this often so today was literally amazing. After the lacrosse games we went on a 2.5 mile hike and it ...

오빠의 잔소리에도 끊을수 없는 내 아침밥은 #맥모닝 여기는 맥모닝이 11시까지라서 늦잠자고 일어나도 시켜 먹을수 있음 (~˘▾˘)~

I don't know what I would do without pasta in my life 😄 And

6 days ago

So I'm away with my parents for a few days and still not

#3mountains // #mcdonalds + #urbanforaging // #cherry and #apple


Bolognese and Aperol is a good combination #vapiano #pastabolognese #aperolspritz #moodforfood #

a day ago

I've been so inactive but mainly cause I've been so busy... I'm working super hard at recovery as well and on the whole I'm managing to not restrict!