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Lovely Papillon one of the most intelligent among small dog

Lovely Papillon one of the most intelligent among small dog


lovely #Papillon - one of the most intelligent among small dog breeds. Read about

Papillon - I want one of these. They're one of the smartest dog breeds and have great temperaments. Plus look how cute they are!

The Smartest Small Dogs Rating: Top 11

The French Dog Breed, the Papillon – A Highly Intelligent Pet

Love a playful pap! Papillon

Despite its small size, the Papillon is one of the 10 smartest dog breeds.

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miniature dogs that stay small | All Small Dogs Papillon

Papillon. Overview; Puppies; Breed Standard


Also known as the Butterfly dog due to the unique shape of its ears, the Papillon is a French dog breed which is rising in popularity across the USA.


Papillon Dog Breed



Beauty: Ears that resemble the outspread wings of a butterfly, a long flowing coat, and plumed tail all contribute to the Papillon's elegant grace.

Papillons vom Schneebergparadies Schneebergpapillon

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With early socialization, a Papillon tends to develop into just about the perfect travel partner. They work well in apartments or houses and will easily ...


Papillon dog. Love that their ears look like butterflies. So cute!

Papillon Dog Breed Picture

Papillon Dogs & Puppies | Dog Breeds

Papillon dog

12 of the world's smallest dog breeds

papillon top 10 smartest dog breeds

Also known as 'Butterfly Dog', 'Squirrel Dog', 'Continental Toy Spaniel', etc. this cute, happy and friendly dog is small, dainty and elegant.


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Papillon is the French word for “butterfly,” which is very fitting for this small breed and not just because of their butterfly-shaped ears.

A smart handsome Papillon with tufty ears. Slide for more images

Papillon running in grass

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A Papillon dog (Photo: Pixabay)

A beautiful picture of a Papillon dog

phalene and papillon dog portrait as nice smart animal


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A smart handsome Papillon with tufty ears. Slide for more images

papillon chihuahua mix


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The Papillon dog is a small, longhaired toy dog breed that is petite, delicate and very cute, and popular with all sorts of owners from all walks of life!

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4 Fun Characteristics of the Papillon Dog Breed


Lovely Princess Leah the Papillon from Dublin, Ireland

Papillon dog is a small intelligent toy dog spaniel breed known for the long hair on

The Papillon who owns me.

How to Identify a Papillon

Bigger dogs outperform smaller ones in certain intelligence tests - INSIDER

Beautiful Papillon puppy for sale


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The small dog was spared and lived its days in a building in Paris call the Papillon House. The name of the Papillon became popular in the early 19th ...

Cute French Dog Names for a Papillon or French Bulldog!


Cliff in RI, an adoptable Papillon Mix in Providence, ...


image. Getty Images. Papillion

The Papillon Is Lovely to Look At The average size of the Papillon is just 8 to 11 inches at the shoulder, and 7 to 10 pounds. The Pap is small-boned and ...

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Papillon dog breed

Papillon - cute puppy http://cutepapillonpuppies.com for more cute pappillon pictures

Papillon puppy

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Chihuahua running through a field

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Cute red Toy Poodle puppy sitting outdoors on green grass

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Papillion dogs are smart

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